We sat like the Arabs,
Singing and praying to their Allah.

Patting and baking life to shine,
Carving and painting like a chisel.

Stay put don’t let go,
Hang on to the thin rope!

My words to you on broken marbles,
Receive them like the wise parables,
that was told in the holy Bible.

Nothing last forever,
Trees so green, some day will wither.
Kids now small will be bigger.

My words to you on broken marbles,
while you sit with friends to play scrabble or gist and tease in funny babbles,
is and always will be,
keep up the good work.

Amidst the slippery steeps and ugly path,
be brave and lay down a good mark.
See with your mind’s eye,
Drink from the great minds,
Obey your inner man and live with a good heart.

My word to you on broken marbles,
Though not spoken to you in dreams and visions is sincere and different.

Crave for growth in all your business,
aim high and reach for the sky.
Love God and live right, things will be bright and sinclair.

Ediri Abiyone

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