Life is funny, sweet and ugly,
Humans are tragic clowns,
Who choose to hide and die in lies.

They mostly prophesy the opposite of what the really are.
We men are fakes and liars.

Men lie to women,
Women lie to men,
Men lie to men and women lie to women.

Believe the truth is bitter,
Lies are welcome they are sweeter.

You are sincere to her,
She takes you as a loser.
You are mindful of his plight and he takes you as easy.

Truth is bitter,
Lies are sweeter.
Tell a man or woman, how much you care and they will stress you for being sincere.

Share your fears with another,
and you will be tagged a beggar.

Say the truth and you will be called a pretty liar.
Truth is bitter, lies are sweeter.

Even the Rivers of Mara,
that sheds light on truth,
Was also called a liar.

Lies are well appreciated
and Truth is so much hated.

Try speaking the truth,
to jane and Ruth and be swayed with hatred.
Lie to james and Abel and you will be loved and well saluted.

Just as Mr Truth has stated,
The truth will not be belittled.
the lies will be treated.

The truth once bitter,
will be much more sweeter.

And the liars will wish they were sincere.

Truth is bitter
Lies are not sweeter.
Speak the truth and be a winner,
refrain from lies and not be a loser.

Today might not expose you,
but tomorrow will be there to hunt you.

9:58 AM


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