Name: Tobore Faith
Stage name: Tobore/ Tobo-Rated
Occupation: Teacher, singer, fiction writer

Unique traits: Sometimes I’m too blunt to a fault sha.

Bio -Short biography/brief background:
Tobore hails from Ethiope East Local Government area of Delta state. She is a talented singer, teacher, prolific writer and guitarist, envisioned to spread the gospel to the broken- hearted through a spiritually sensitized and melodiously crafted Soul music. She is a music minister at The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) and has graced the stage with foremost gospel acts like Nathaniel Bassey, Midnight Crew, XT Samurai, Viva and a host of others.
Tobore also has a passion for impacting knowledge and writing. Her themes are mostly influenced by everyday circumstances and drawing humor from life experiences. She is a graduate of English and Literary Studies and also holds a Master’s in Guidance and Counselling.

Residence: Lagos, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Ethnicity: Urhobo
Religious inclination: Christian
Marital status: Delightedly single!
Educational background: B.A English and Literary Studies, Delta State University, Abraka.
Hobbies/likes: watching romantic-comic movies, reading novels, playing music

Q-Most embarrassing moments?
A-Ha…I don’t like to remember it but we learn from experiences sha. It was my first time on radio. The interview went well, then I was asked to play my guitar and it was dis-tuned! It wasn’t funny at all! From then on, I learnt to always check my instrument before I play, you can never tell.

Q- Most accomplishments in life so far?
A-For now, two things: I learnt how to play the guitar and it seemed like for once, people actually noticed that I could sing. Combining vocals and acoustics gives a flavor to my music. Finishing my Masters degree programme, also exposed me to a world of different experiences, schooling in Naija is never easy abeg! Lol.

Q- Favourite color?

Q-Your Challenges in the profession/industry?
A-The notion that gospel artistes don’t make money or are not commercially viable is a wrong idea. Secondly, ‘gospel’ is a message, not just a genre of music. So it can be done in any style, whether Apala, highlife, rock or whatever. I try not to be confined to what most people think my music should be. For me, that’s a challenge because they expect you to follow the trend of music that everyone else is doing.

Q-How rich or comfortable are you?
A-If I can turn some lives around and meet needs, then I’d say I’m very comfortable.

Q- Philosophy in life?
A-Take one day at a time.

Q-Role model-Nigerian/global?
A-Asa, Danielle Steel, Tyler Perry.

Q-Your opinion about the industry?
A-Music and every other form of art in Nigeria is fast evolving into a world class standard. The world will always crave for something fresh. It’s up to us to meet up with that challenge.

Q-Your advice to upcoming talents?
A-First decide what you really want to be known for. Don’t just go into any field because others are doing it.

Q- What the future holds-new projects?
A-Works: I currently have three singles. I’d be launching my debut novel next year and possibly an album.

-1st prize in short-story category-Creative Writer’s Workshop DELSU, Abraka, 2005
-“Most Versatile Female”, Figures of Speech Movement, 2015

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