Tick Tock!
The sound of my clock,
anything you have to do,
Do quick.

Loose yourself off the shackles of procrastination.
Do today,
What is for Today!

Tick tock
the sound of my clock,
Wake up and don’t be a lazy duck.
Gather your tools and apparatus,
Bounce off to hustle.
Make the decisions today,
For tommorrow is too late.
Dance the dance,
Sing the song,
Laugh all you can,
Love all humans.
Watch and pray, pray and watch.

Tick tock
The sound of my clock,
Do what God has made you for,
Be a light and not a wrong,
Live right as a girl or boy
Because the boy will be the father of the man.

Plan today for tomorrow,
Gather wits and grow.

Tick Tock,
The sound of my clock,
Your clock,
Their clock,
Our clock……

Ticking click!
Clicking tick
Tick tock
Tock tick.

Do quick.

(C) Sissy

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