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Name-Emmanuel Ilemobayo

Company-Proffaleti Konceptainment Studios

Occupation -Actor, Dancer, Filmmaker, Musician, Singer, and Voice Artist

Unique traits -My height, pro-active and fast learner, respect for people, etc.


Emmanuel Ilemobayo is a Film Actor, Model, Artist, Musician, Voice over Artist, Song Writer, Life coach, entertainment and media consultant. He has featured in TV series like Newman Street and Madam Sarah’s house, and he believes entertainment is his life.

Lives in Lagos, Nigeria

Gender: Male

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 73kg

Body type: Slim

Hair: Short, Black

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: African


Sharemyfame presents to you Emmanuel Ilemobayo, an Actor who blogger Judith Audu describes as having the passion for his craft run deep…

Emmanuel Ilemobayo is an Actor, Model and Voice over artist. He hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. He is the CEO of Proffaleti Konceptainment, a brand/event consulting outfit.

He first got involved in the acting business for TV/Film in 2005 when he starred in Sweet Angel, Red Devil, Twisted and Papa Ajasco & Co.

Within this period too an opportunity came for him to feature in something entirely different from acting, he ventured into modelling. It was a very new experience for him, what with his being young and unschooled in the field of modelling, but the talent managers seemed to see in him what we couldn’t.

He learnt fast and was soon featuring in some of Nigeria’s prominent fashion shows, like Lagos Fashion Show, Nigeria and Black Heritage Show, House of Jola, Bacchus/Sixth Degree Fashion Show, Virgin Atlantic Fashion Show, XYZ Show, Exquisite Magazine Fashion Show, Ovation International Fashion Show, Go Mr & Mrs Rock and Role, Chitop Link Fashion Show, Soul Lounge/Classic FM Fashion Show, Media City Lunch Fashion Show, etc.

He also got on billboard, prints and television commercials in and outside Nigeria.

As a model Emmanuel also have a lot of credit to his name, he has taken part in several run-way shows and TV commercials like Cool beans designs, Infinity Magazine (UK), Pension Alliance, Nuhri Campaign etc.

Emmanuel has also modeled for top international designers like Okunoren twins, Mudi Africa, House of Jola, DM Wardrobe, Fome, Adhukeh, Vindot garb, Vincent Gart, Jini, Tessy Oliseh, etc.

In 2006 the thespian in him sort for more expression and that was when he started stage play professionally through 3rd Avenue/Koto Music, Snapshots Production. They performed plays like ‘Afternoon with Abiola’, ‘The Madness of Drunken Masses’, ‘Ayala’, ‘Itakun’ (Cobweb), ‘Bloody Affairs’, ‘ The Pathologist’, ‘Clogs’ and ‘Daniel’.

After the hiatus he returned to the tube a prepared actor in 2011 and featured in the award winning Docu-drama produced by Communication for Change entitled ‘One Voice is a Majority’, playing the character of Jite.

He has since been part of numerous productions both on screen and off screen like Hunting Diamond Jo, Super Story, Clinic Matters, So Wrong So Wright, Dear Mother, Enter the Caxton, Tinsel, Crack in the Wall, Eve, Grip, One Voice Makes a Majority, Family Planning and others.

Its been an amazing roller-coaster ride of a career for him as he has been snapping up scripts and featuring in great projects taking place in the Nollywood space.



Going West played the role of Paripa

So Wrong So Wright (Akpotabi)

Render to Caesar

247 (Paul Smith)

Super Story

Bedfellows (Kila)

Visa Lottery (Mathew)

Mummy Dearest (Ken)

Drive (Kabiru)

The Johnsons (Mohammed)

Newman Street (Jacko)

Okafor the Int’l Steward (Okafor) on WapTv

Beneath Her Veil

The Wish Of Oba Aiiri (Ikulambe)

Perfect Imperfection (Waiter)

Baker’s Daughter (Leo)

Madam Sarah’s House (Bome) on EbonyLife TV/Dickson Osakpazu

Lasgidi Cop (2014) Television series by Asake Production (Jerry)

Newman Street (2014) Television series by NCP (Jacko)

The Johnson (2014) Television by Native Media/MNET (Mohammed)

Being Mrs Elliot (2013) Film by Dioni Vision Ltd (Aper)

One Voice Makes a Majority (2011) Documentary by CFC/Remi Vaughan (Jite)

Twisted (2007) Film by Hekcentrick Production/Niyi Towolawi (John)




Emmanuel is a very good swimmer, dancer, singer, he does aerobics, sight reading, mountain/tree climbing, can fish and he claims he is great with kids and dogs.

He believes he has an edge over his colleagues because of his ability to adapt and interpret any character he is given quickly, his height, voice, body built (which he feels is rare to come by) and 89% of what he can do his colleagues cannot do, like swimming, mountain/tree climbing, fishing, riding of speed boat, canoes and running of 21km marathons.

Other Businesses

I run a company called Proffaleti Konceptainment, an entertainment and media consultancy, based on the fact that my artistic name is Proffaleti.



Q-Where are you from?

A- Am from Ondo State

Q-What’s your religious inclination?

A- Am a Christian

Q-Whats your marital status?

A-Am Single

Q-You have Hobbies or likes?

A- Yea, they include swimming, writing, mountain climbing, travelling, watching adventure films, listening to music, etc.

Q-Most embarrassing moments?

A-can’t remember

Q-Most accomplishments in life so far?

A-I consider my greatest accomplishment to be having given my life to Christ, and putting smiles on people’s face through my talent.

Q-Favourite role or part in the movies done so far?

A-All the roles are very importantly twisted.

Q-Which do you love more-modelling or acting and why?

A-I love both. They show different sides and other aspects of me to the world.

Q-Favourite color?

A-Hmmm, color? No. Colors? Yes. I love black, white, blue and brown.

Q-Your Challenges in the profession/industry?

A-The structures are definitely not in place to make the work of an actor or even entertainment stakeholder easy.

There are not enough platforms for talent discovery, constant workshops for the practitioners or stakeholders is a must in this industry, but we don’t have that yet.

There is a very low level of networking amongst the artistes, not to talk of the young up and coming talents.

We have a dearth of database or generally a lack of information about the actors and the entertainment industry.

Also, people just wake up one morning and want to become superstars, without going through basic industry trainings, like its some kind of joke.

Generally the situation of things breaks my heart, but thank God things are changing now and am happy because real professionals are coming in to take charge.

Q-How rich are you? Six or seven figures, or just comfortable?

A-When people are happy and dreams are realised then am rich. There is no bank account to beat the goodwill that comes from fans appreciating your works.

Q- Your philosophy in life?

A-Honour God and put smiles on peoples’ faces.

Q-Your role model (Nigerian/global)?

A-Richard Mofe-Damijo, Segun Arinze and Joke Silva are my role models for Nigeria. I look at each of them for specific inspirations, RMD for classic interpretation of roles. Segun Arinze for his depth of character interpretations both on stage and on screen, he is a model and a lot more..a complete artist. Joke Silva is in a class of her own.

Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and Kirk Franklin are my foreign role models.

Q-Your opinion about the industry?

A-The industry is getting better and a lot of work is going in to make the industry great. It was not like this some years back but we’re smiling because we know there is hope here.

Q-Your advice to upcoming talents?

A-The young talents should know why they want to come into the industry, they should endeavor to get proper trainings, equipped yourselves and individually believe in your talents.Trust God and remember that there is no shortcut to success or fame.

CELEBRITY GRAFFITI is a Sharemyfame authorised column to celebrate upcoming and established artistes in pictures, words, paintings or drawing on its blog space.

Sharemyfame is proud to be associated with a talent of Emmanuel Ilemobayo’s status and we are humbled to help share his fame


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