dogoapMEDIA – Innovating to change your life using media. Innovate – Inventive, coming up with something new or different from the ordinary, ingenious change from an established order.
The media consists of the mainstream (Prints, Electronics- TV or Radio) or new media (Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, Googleplus, etc)
The roles of the media includes to inform, educate, entertain and to set agenda for public discourse. It creates a National talking point (Boko Haram, Elections, Politics, Oil Subsidy, Corruption, etc) and imperceptibly shapes our mind, thoughts and being. Media manipulates us by using advertising to lead us to a point of decision, to take the action they desire, just like the puppet and the puppet master.

The ability to determine facts and fiction can mean which side you are in the media, either as an entrepreneur using media to propagate your SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, POLITICAL, EDUCATIONAL content or as a consumer.
The political leaders used and still use the media to greatly to further their propaganda, Nnamdi Azikiwe and his West African Pilot, Obafemi Awolowo and his tribune group, Bola Tinubu and his Radio / TV Continental and The Nation newspaper, MKO Abiola and his Concord group, etc. this practice is found all over the world, VOA, BBC, CNN and others are all media giants used to shape minds globally.

We can use the media by:
-Joining the discussion and contributing articles or letters to editor, phone in to programs, etc.
-Originate the message the media push out by being an independent producer (Brila FM, Soundcity, Bisi Olatilo Show, etc.)
-Be a media entrepreneur.
-Use the new media for citizen driven communication, crusade your passion, rally for change, activist journalism, etc.



I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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