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Name/Stage name:
Jerry Suarau

Company/Other Business:

Song Writer, Poet, T.V Prodrucer, Presenter, Writer and a distinguished Master of Ceremony.

Unique Traits:
JHERI aka JHERI6THSENSE is a Gospel Artist with a mission, his songs are inspirational, highly spiritual and soulful

JHERI also known as Jerry Suarau is a prolific Song Writer, Poet, T.V Producer, Presenter, Writer and a distinguished Master of Ceremony. He runs a Charity Organization called JHAVI (Jheri’s Help Accident Victims Initiative) aka Jheri HAVI Foundation. This he started as a result of an Accident he had in 2007.

He was lead vocalist and major song writer for an Accappella group called ‘The Pillaz’, where he remained for 13 years before kicking off his career as a Solo Artist in 2012.

He is able with the help of the Holy Spirit to connect with deep feelings in the recess of the mind and soul and link you up to Jehovah, the one and only true God. His ministrations and Worship have been known to bring the very presence of God down and Gods presence has brought healing and succour to troubled souls.

Fondly called J6 by many, he is also a Poet and Writer, a sensitive Poet and Writer and has contributed to many Christian and non Christian Magazines and Newspapers e.g Lagos Weekend of Daily Times Nigeria where he was a columnist for a number of years.

As a Presenter he worked with NTA Channel 10 presenting ‘Video 10’ an entertainment program where he met and interviewed a lot of high profile celebrities.

As a Producer he has contributed to many productions including but not limited to “Jheri On Stage” and MTN Nigeria 10th year Anniversary Documentary.

As a Master of Ceremony, JHERI aka Jheri6thsense has anchored several Corporate and informal events. MTN is on his Corporate clients list, Birthdays, Concerts, Shows, Seminars, Launchings etc.

Jheri6thsense has released seven singles so far namely “Tellin ma Mind”, “Durotimi”, “Do For Me”, “Heartbeat”, his commercial single “Naija Smiles” and his latest single “Mountain”.
The single “Feyvor” is currently enjoying massive air play on radio. JHERI is versatile and very talented; he ascribes his gifts and talents to God. He would be the first to tell you he is nothing without God.

In October 2012, JHERI started the first gospel club in Festac Town, called Street GEE to fill a vacuum. He claims to have noticed that there were not a lot of places where Christians can go and relax, like our own version of a night club.

Street GEE means Street Gospel and holds every 3rd Friday of the month at the Poolbar, Rockview Hotels, Festac Town, Lagos. It showcases talents in Music, Poetry, Drama, Dance, Spoken Word or any form of Artistic expression; strictly gospel with lots to eat and drink. Some of the Artists that have graced Street GEE stage are;
Yinka Davies
Obus Zalee
God’s own radicals
Naomi Classic
Soul E
Soji Israel
Vivien Stephen
Efe Nathan
Da one
and lots more.

He jointly runs Street GEE club with his business partner Barr. Efe Anaughe, who remains in the background, but manages Jheri and coordinates the club. This leaves Jheri to concentrate on his craft.

JHERI  is set to raise the bar in Gospel Entertainment and is a mentor and friend to many. He has shared stage with some of the best acts in the Industry like; DC Envoys, Righteousman, Midnight Crew, Soji Israel, Yinka Davies, Buchi, Vivien Stephen, Efe Nathan, Soul E, Infinity, K’ore, Frank Edwards, Big Bolaji, Provabs, Charles Granville, Bouqoui, GA2R, ONOS, Eben, Innerman, Henrisoul, Gaise, Gbenga Oke, Phrance, Victor Praise, Sohlah Babs, Jameslord, Da’Son, El-levite, Chiika 100%, Hopendhouse, E’Davids, MO Oladapo and many more.

JHERI HAVI FOUNDATION has been running for 7 years now since 2008 and has made several donations to Accident Wards of Hospitals including Nigeria Navy Reference Hospital, Ojo Lagos, Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi, Yaba and to Individuals. These donations include Electronic POP Cutter, Wheel Chairs, Walkers, Medical Supplies and Financial Aid to Accident Victims. Three times a year Jheri6thsense holds a Benefit Concert and donates the proceeds to Accident Victims in fulfillment of a vow he made to God; to use his talent to help other Accident Victims if he survived the ordeal and he did.

A-BSc ECONOMICS Lagos State University.

A-Travelling, writing and watching movies.

Q-Most embarrassing moment?
A-This happened way back, as a teenager with my accapella group, while singing we went off key on stage. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me.

Q-Favourite colour?
A-My favorite color is red and white.

Q-Your challenges in the industry/profession?:
A-The challenges am faced with is not having sponsors or financial support to push my music to the height i want it to be, and the people you expect to believe in you and your works, they do so with lip service and no action.

Q-Opinion about the industry?
A-Most especially the gospel music industry, there is too much hatred, envy and the competitive spirit is so unhealthy, everyone always want to be seen, no attitude of helping your fellow artiste. its a very bad spirit and the problem needs to be tackled.

Q-Your advice to upcoming talents?
A-My advice for upcoming acts is simple, know your calling, gifts and talents and be focus and tenacious towards achieving your dreams, never give up no matter how low you get to, if you are tenacious, you will always WIN.

Q-What the future holds/new projects?
A-My debut album with almost 12 tracks will be released in a couple of months but will be releasing a single before the end of November title ”CHIOMA”, its a song that talks about how GOD has been faithful to me despite me disappointing him, HE never abandoned me no matter how bad i fail HIM. The song was produced by two prolific producers ZENITH and NdTUNES. And i am dedicating the song to the three women in my life that pushed me to greatness, Pastor Deborah Iwalokun, Chioma Ojiabo and Barrister Efe Anaughe.

I have two awards to my credit;
HUMANITARIAN AWARD from HOPE FOUNDATION in 2014 for my years of helping accident victims

Presently i have been nominated in two categories in the 2015 MEGA AWARDS for BEST HIP HOP/RAP and BEST AFRO ROCK for two of my songs titled ”TELLIN MA MIND” and ”MOUNTAIN aka ALAGBADA INA”. its schedule to hold on NOV 20TH, 2015

You can connect with Jheri on Facebook ‘Street GEE’ page, ‘Jheri6thsense’ page and ‘Jheri’s HAVI’ page. You can also be friends with JHERI on facebook, ‘Jhe RI’.
On twitter follow ‘Jheri6thsense’.

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I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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