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Ajegunle musician, John Oboh speaks on galala beat, how Daddy Fresh, Showkey and Tallman’s bitter quarrel began. How Showkey, Marvelous Benjy, exploited and betrayed Ajegunle people.
Two decades after he returned from Holland to invent the Ajegunle reggae beat, opened a studio and Ragga Dub Chapel in a dancehall, where it all started as a garden that nursed so many popular music stars from Ajegunle, including Daniel Wilson, who came from Port Harcourt to join them, Daddy Fresh, Showkey and Marvelous Benjy. Edo State born music wizard, performer, composer, producer and showbiz investor, John Oboh, a.k.a Mighty Mouse, in this interview, like he never did before opens up on how the Galala beat was created, and things many people never heard about the unending supremacy quarrel between three Ajegunle reggae stars, Daddy Fresh, Daddy Showkey and Tallman.
He also talks about how Showkey and Marvelous Benjy usurped the goodwill they got from him and Ajegunle inhabitants that cheered them to stardom. Excerpts
Q-YOU are known as one man who, together with others, championed the invention of Ajegunle music beat in the ’90s and till date you have not come out to talk about it. People want to know how it all started.
A-Well, in my own case, my venture into the music thing started when I began as a disc joker (DJ). Then while I was in secondary school here in Lagos, after that I continued with my father’s night clubs and I was inspired into the DJ thing by my cousin, Murphy Okojie, owner of Murphy’s plaza who had come in to set up a club in my mother’s Hotel called Combo, here in Olodi Apapa, that was in 1981. It was about the same time that some other clubs stringed up around the area, so at that time too I was a dancer (break dancer), I think I can say that we started the style before people like the late Michael Jackson (laughs) and it turned out that at a point, I had an injury and that made me to stop, concentrating only on DJ business, meeting people like Grand Master Lee and others.
Q-And when you start to associate with other DJs, what followed?
A-In no time I was out of the country. I went to Ireland. Later I moved to the United State of America to further my education and doing DJ job on part time basis, it was there that I bought some equipments. Then I was studying Business Administration, but a tragedy happened in my life which forced me to come back to Nigeria.
Q-What happened?
A-It happened that my elder brother that I was living with in US, who was my inspiration was murdered right inside the house where I was living with him and the killers struck when I went on my part time job, only for me to come back and meet him dead… His house was robbed and it was in that process that they killed him. It was very shocking to me and that was really why in no time, I came back to Nigeria.

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