Q-You have not said anything about your music studio, Jah-Oha Studio that used to be one of Nigeria best then?

A-That studio first and foremost is a spiritual studio, because it means Jah decreed studio, that Jah has said it’s decreed, but no matter what we are facing today, the studio is still functioning, that’s where our new artistes are being recorded and from little experiences, I will henceforth stop allowing wrong people to work with me because most of them are dubious and idol worshippers… That’s how I am feeling right now.

Q-You said that Daddy Showkey disappointed you, how?

A-Musically, Daddy Fresh is still my friend and I have forgiven him where he went wrong, but Daddy Fresh’s continuous enmity with Daddy Showkey is what I don’t like. While Daddy Showkey I can say is an ingrate, because the moment he began that his wickedness was the moment I told him out-right that he is getting everything wrong.

I mean when he was doing his first demo tape together with Tallman as a group, but when he got to Felin Records to sign a recording deal he removed Tallman’s name and it became Daddy Showkey alone and I asked him why he did that to Tallman, same thing Daddy Fresh did to him, he said that he felt that Tallman is not spiritually and talent-focused to be with him… but the moment he came out and the album “Welcome” became a hit, Showkey began to shun me, to the extent that when he travelled to Germany for the first time he boasted that he doesn’t need me anymore, and that put a question mark on Daddy Showkey’s relationship with people he relates with… do you know he’s been coming here to exhibit his cars and wealth to me and for me, those thing he has are idols because I am very richer than him, in every quantifications.

What he has are depreciating assets… but in every opportunity I try to advice him positively, but he kept telling the public lies that he is the leader of Ajegunle musicians, which he is not and down here, he is not accepted by majority of our musicians, talk less of Ajegunle residents, he is only an usurper. Then coming to Marvelous Benjy, that one has turned out to be a big fool, a great disappointment, the guy almost ruined my goodwill to him.

Remember that I trained him and made him a musician and when he went to sign on Kennis Music he didn’t tell me to assist him, only for me to begin to hear after that he was telling the public that Kennis are cheats, these or that, how he was taken to London and what so ever, and I told him that he is to be blamed for expecting Kennis to carry him like a baby.

Q-And what did he say after you advised him?

A-He didn’t listen to me, maybe because I told him to go and do more commercial oriented songs that will make him more market worthy. And to worsen the matter, Marvelous Benjy went and released a diss song in which he mentioned and attacked managements of Kennis Music, and I still called and advised him to withdraw it, still he didn’t take my advice, because once you put a recording on, it is as if you have put something on forever, I told him not to do it, no matter how you feel today you can take their names off the song, don’t mention any names and my guy didn’t listen, he went ahead to sing the song “Fire burn Kenny and D’ one…” and that his attitude and song from my observation later turned out to work against Ajegunle musicians and our music was taken out of air. Every radio and television station including print media began to blacklist Ajegunle musicians because of Marvelous Benjy’s actions…

Q-But did that in any way influence your arts negatively?

A-Yes. I felt that the only way I can recall people’s attention to Ajegunle music business was to build a Dancehall called King’s court, a multi million Naira investment. Just for me to keep the flag flying. And do you know another thing, I am not happy with the way Daddy Showkey used the Ajegunle thing to enrich himself without caring to put something back for the people’s benefit. I know for long that Showkey have been telling people lies that he will do this or that for Ajegunle musicians by building dancehall and studios for them, which he has not done, he is only talking and making false boasts.

Then in the case of Marvelous Benjy, I advised him not to do what he did, but he went to do it and this is where we are now. That’s why many musicians and Ajegunle residents are not happy with him for attacking Kenny and D One because these people have been promoting Ajegunle music right from their days in Ray power FM as presenters. So I did not see any reason Marvelous has to sacrifice all those things and contribution on the altar of pride. So that is why some musicians here, have taken it upon themselves to sing and call Marvelous to order, but any way, Marvelous is too small for me to talk about for now. He is my boy.

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