benjy IMG_20151118_220738REPARATION SONG

Q-But after your debut, did you release another album of your own?

A-Yes, in my debut album, that was where the sketch of the Repatriation song was. Where Daddy Fresh did some vocal in it (tries to rehearse the song) this was in 1993 and in 1994, Jamaican-born Reggae star, Shabba Rank visited Nigeria and I was with him together with Daddy Hyde, a music presenter in Federal Radio Station in Lagos and that meeting inspired me into continuing with my repatriation ideologies.

Q-After that what have you been doing to further the repatriation ideologies?

A-(Bursts into laughter) I don’t think that I can answer this, because since 1994 after meeting Shabba, I went to the studio to release the Repatriation song and I invited Daddy Fresh to the studio, but he didn’t turn up and that song was supposed to be part II of my first album and luckily for me, I used Remiee, and he featured in the song. He was once a backup singer for Mike Obi (sings the song again), that was Repatriation 2, a song that calls on Africans to come back home.

Q-Then back to your studio and recording business, have you recorded and released any new act?

A-Right now, me, Mighty Mouse and Lady Sege are artistes on the label. Although I have the Black Repatriation band, but I used to have all the boys I trained, like Marvelous Benjy on the label, but they left me because they were not sharing same ideologies with me, just like Daddy Showkey disappointed and abandoned me after I have made him. And at the end of the day, Daddy Showkey insulted me. Even the production I did for him won an award in Award for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN) and FMA (Fame Music Award).

Q-Insulted you in what way?

A-See God knows that Daddy Showkey brought down my moral in this business of, me helping Ajegunle musicians, because after seeing what Fresh did to him. Daddy Showkey has not dimmed it fit enough to recognize me whom God used to make him what he is today.


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I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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