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Q- How successful was that album?

A-As a producer, it was a very good beginning and it launched me into the music circle both locally and internationally to a level, because other musicians from then began to follow and copy the beat, and many began to come to me to produce and add the magic beat I have invented into the music. But coming to the market reports, we didn’t make money from the album sales because I didn’t have time to go on show promo of that album. I was only busy producing other artistes that were coming to my studio. And it was within that moment that Daddy Showkey and others now woke up and I now took them…


A-During the lay down of my album, I did a demo tape for Daddy Fresh and Daddy Showkey in which Candy Sea introduced them to Felin Records, and Daddy Fresh was signed on that label and I produced that popular song titled “Follow Me go Dancehall” for them and it was while we were recording the song in my studio, Jahoha that Daddy Fresh took offence against Daddy Showkey and he came up with complains that Showkey was not singing right, and that he is not talented.

Anyway, he said a lot of things and I was pissed off by Daddy Fresh’s attitude, he was very unfair. For me to have brought out my time and my money, did a demo tape for him and Showkey and the demo brought a recording contract and on the first day at the session, Daddy Fresh now changed the whole arrangement that he doesn’t want Showkey anymore, and right there I called Showkey aside and said don’t cry, because he was crying like a baby when Fresh told him that. That was how their separation and enmity began.

Many days after, I took Showkey into the studio and did his solo demo, which was in the year 1993 or 1994 and it was his debut album entitled “Welcome”. Daddy Showkey now turned out to be the chief promoter of Ajegunle music (smiles). So, that’s how the whole thing started.

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