The Ajegunle Entertainment Renaissance: Between Johnny Nabena and John Oboh? 3



So we began to discuss with the late John Nabena a.k.a Johnny Nabs, to use an empty space in their compound at Wilmer bus stop in Olodi Apapa, for Dancehall activities, and it turned out that I have bought my musical instruments.

Infact, I almost donated all my equipments, which they used to start the Dancehall that later turned to be known as Ragga Dub Chapel (RDC), the first Reggae dancehall in Nigeria where Ajegunle music took its root and produced a lot of music stars. At what point did you return fully into music production? After we started the Ragga Dub Chapel I moved on into production and then people didn’t believe that Nigerians can in anyway play something close to what the Jamaicans were playing and remember that I was a mix DJ and MC, so I started to experiment with beats like Blues, Highlife with Hip hop in it, Reggae beat and others with that, that’s how I got the idea that African music is the same like our local Highlife, Hip hop and Reggae.

So I succeeded in mixing them and they blended, and ours was just far more rhythmic and the melodies were just the same thing. I now realised that black music is one and with that my regular experiments, the music pattern called Ajegunle sound which later turned out to be called Galala was invented by me and that’s how I originated it.

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