Name-Nehemiah Nwawuzo / Nehe

Company-Nehe Promotions Entertainment

Industry-Comedy / Events Management

Occupation-Comedian, MC, Musician and Actor



Sharemyfame CELEBRITY GRAFFITI presents Nehe,

a comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A movie producer reenacting the adventure of this light skinned, afro wearing and swashbuckling comedian into the entertainment industry will make a major stop at 2003, where he first became a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria.

Why did a comedian join an actors’ guild?

Is he a thespian?

What are the benefits of his joining the guild?

So when did he switch or ‘port’ like Saka of Mtn?

Too many Questions? Sure and even more questions!

But not to worry as the Almighty producer of this blockbuster has a very tight script.

Nehe’s entrance into entertainment was both by gifted interest and association.

His interest got him casted in the movie ‘Married to the Enemy’ in 2005 where he played a role of a boy friend. Within this period, he also developed his interest for comedy and when the chips were down he ended up choosing stand up comedy.

He had names like Gandoki and Dauda as big brothers and mentors to usher him into the industry and guide him through the teething days till he got established in this field.

His first appearance on stage was at Actors Nite at OJ’s Club in National Stadium in 2005 and later in his church concert.

From that humble beginning, like a moth to a fire, he got attractions to the right people at the right time to shoot him into a sought-after Master of Ceremony and stand up comedian, and has a work portfolio to show for it.

Were there no twists or turns in the journey to relevance?

Was it a bed of roses?

Did he not have problems along the way?

Like they say ‘Story for another day’, for he had his fair share of it like everyone else.

This young talented son of a pastor from Kwale, Delta State who claims to be born, bred and buttered in Delta State is the last of four kids.


Education -Graduate of Estate Management, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

Residence-Lagos Nigeria.


Age-17th of March 1984

Height -5.8ft

Weight- 65 pounds.

Body type-Slim, Fair.

Hair-Afro black hair.

Eyes- Black eyes.

Ethnicity- Ukwani.

Religious Inclination- Christian.

Marital status-Single.

Hobbies/Likes-Swimming, comedy, singing.



A-Most embarrassing moment?

Q-This happened way back when I handled a wedding for a client for a hundred thousand naira but could not deliver as a result of a very noisy audience who were all in search of food and drinks, so they were not really paying attention to me as the MC.

Q-Most accomplishment in life so far?

A-I anchored Lagos State end of year cross-over carnival for 10 days.

Q-The last movie you did?

A-The last movie did was “Married to the Enemy’ I played the role of a boy friend. I find that I love acting because it helps me to express myself.

Q-Favourite color?

A-My favourite colors are White and Pink.

Q-Your challenges in the profession / industry?

A- Its a country of 160 million Nigerians or more, depending on who you are talking to, so it’s expected that lots of talents will be found that are comedians too. But there are those who are not ready to work hard but prefer plagiarising their fellow comedian’s jokes. As if that is not enough, they even go behind us to bid for events at cheaper rates.

Q-How rich or comfortable are you? 6 or 7 figures or comfortable?

A-(Laughs) Hahahaha well by God’s grace I am comfortable as i can pay my bills, but I can’t declare my asset o.

Q-Philosophy in life?

A-The golden rule as in “Do to people what you expect them to do in return” and not as in ‘Who has the gold makes the rules’.

Q-Your broke models in Nigeria and global?

A-In Nigeria my dad is my Role model/Globally Jesus is my role model.

Q- Your opinion about the industry?

A- There are lot of players now in the industry and it seems so many young people love to come into entertainment because of the money, they do not have the passion for what they do. So they tend to make things difficult for themselves and also spoil the industry for other players who are good at what they do.

Q- Your advice to upcoming talents?

A-I wish for a young generation of talents that are hardworking and have a passion for what they do, and are very original.

Q- What the future holds? Future project.

A- My team and I are working on a mini-carnival in Ajegunle / Apapa that we are planning for December 2015 or January 2016.

Also, my personal comedy show tagged ‘Nehe Live in Chapel’ which we started this year will be packaged to run annually in the month of March.




‘Married to the Enemy” (2005) A movie in which he played the role of a boy friend.


He has appeared on the stage of some of the industry’s best comedy shows like-

Stand Up Nigeria by Bunmi Davis

Basketmouth Laff and Jamz

Rhythm Unplugged

Night of a Thousand Laughs

Comedy Challenge

Joke to Fame

Igos Live

Lagos State Cross-over Carnival


Corporate Affiliations:

He has worked for the events of corporate organisations like

Oracle Experience

Nestlé Nigeria (Maggi Star, Milo, Nescafe)

Nigerian Breweries (Star, Heineken, Malt, Legend)

Tequila Agency

Unilever (Lipton)

Linkpoint Agency


Award for Best Comedian in Yabatech 2008/2009,

Award for Most Popular in Yabatech 20012/13,

Award for Fast Rising Comedian by Infinity Magazine.

CELEBRITY GRAFFITI is a Sharemyfame authorised column to celebrate upcoming and established artistes in pictures, words, paintings or drawing on its blog space.

Sharemyfame is proud to be associated with a talent of Nehe’s status and we are humbled to help share his fame

If you have got fame, let’s share it!



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