The Ajegunle Project

Ajegunle is not the Ajegunle before Sango Ota or the one in Ikorodu, but to borrow from Manchester United ‘There is only one Ajegunle……..’

Our Ajegunle is regarded in some quarters as Nigeria’s Harlem or Trench town, with lots of Diamonds in the rough.

Refining the gold or polishing the uncut diamonds of Ajegunle is a project that needs to be put in the front burner of every AJ-loving organization or individual.

It’s time the government stopped paying lip-service to development of an area that has produced the best of the best in the nation’s entertainment industry.

The little individual efforts that late Jonny Nabs and friends did with the RDC still resounds till date, and one wonders if a concerted effort by the local government to make the geographical location a hub for entertainment and fulfill its name of ‘Wealth resides here’.

Entertainment structures should be put in place in Ajegunle and a Private Public Partnership encouraged for the industry stakeholders to come and invest in the industry here.

According to Ajegunle blogger, Benson Chukwueke (whose younger brother Chiedo Chukwueke a.k.a Computer, played for the Nigerian Under-17 and Under-21 team in 1995) ‘You may never be a football star in Nigeria if you have not played on the ‘Maracana’ and ‘Navy Playground’ soil of Ajegunle and got imparted with its power’.

The area had seen players like Finidi George, Sunday Oliseh, Victor Ikpeba, Nwankwo kanu, among others, coming to play at the mock Nations cup at the Navy Playground beside Boundary market,” he said they came to tap from the power


My Ajegunle
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