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Music they say is the food for the soul; some say it helps to relax the mind, others claim it is a medium of communication.

But music, unlike the varying definitions, is all encompassing as it’s a very fast medium to send messages to places we cannot reach easily.

Now my question to musicians, established and upcoming, is this- what is music to you and what message are you trying to pass across to the society or your perceived audience?

In time past great musicians like Fela Anikulapo Kuti used his music as a medium to sensitize the populace about lingering political issues in Nigeria, some will say he was a musical Voltron (Defender of the defenseless).

Also, we cannot forget late Whitney Houston who sang about love and romance, and is recorded as arguably the lady with the strongest vocals till date.

Back here in Nigeria the likes of Orits Wiliki, Mandators, Ras Kimono, Blakky, Evi-Edna Ogoli and others were proponents of the reggae genre (Jamaican popular music: popular music, originally from Jamaica, that combines rock, calypso, and soul and is characterized by heavy accentuation of the second and fourth beats of a four beat bar).

They used the reggae movement then to pass messages to the youths: they achieved these by tailoring their lyrics to topics like governmental oppressions, moral and cultural codes, brotherly love, values of education and others.

To the upcoming musicians I ask what message they have to pass across to their society and how will this message affect or influence the listeners? Will it be a positive or negative influence?

In today’s society music is seen as a tool to only entertain the people and make money, while no message is seen to have been passed in more instances than one. Ordinarily, a good music should entertain with the rhythm and beats, and still have a great message for the listener, long after the sweat from the gyration is over.

My advice to you upcoming musicians, if you want your songs to be evergreen and stand the test of time, make sure it has relevant lyrics that will have a message for someone out there.

Lest I forget, Tuface is one of the few individuals in the Nigerian music sphere who has been on point with relevant lyrical delivery.

If you must make it in this industry, as a musician, look for a mentor or role model, listen not only to his style of delivery but also the lyrical content of his songs…and the sky is your limit.

Good luck!

E-Vocal ( Nnaemeka Ukandu)



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