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Name :Enubianozor Emeke John-Collins

Stage name: Mecoyo Collins

Company: Mecoyo House of Fun

Occupation: Comedian/Compere, Actor and Event planner

Short bio:

Sharemyfame presents Mecoyo Collins, an Accounting graduate of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. He hails from Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State and comes loaded with talents as a comedian, compere, actor and event planner.

He co-host the Best of Jazz groove hour on 103.1 Fm and is also the voice behind Malam Silas on ICT ARENA, a program on Metro Fm and Radio Nigeria.

Residence: Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Gender: Male

Age :26

Hair,: Black low cut

Eyes: White eyes

Ethnicity : Ukwani

Religion : Christianity

Relationship: Very single

Education : OND, Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi Ukwu/ HND, Yaba College of Technology

Hobbies: Travelling, Reading and Meeting people


Q-Most embarrassing moment?

A-It wasn’t funny then, but I can laugh it off now. I was all dressed up looking posh in a white suite for a wedding, after alighting from the cab that I managed to pay for all in order for my white not to be stained, a waiter just hit me and poured all she was carrying on me. But for the records the waiter was damn pretty. (too pretty for her job). So I went into the rest room try to use the soap there to clean up but it did not do any good cos while I was on stage I was just nor comfortable the way I looked and the way the guests were looking at me.

Q-Most Accomplishment in life?

A-I think that would be my becoming a graduate. I say this because many people who we started Comedy with didn’t finish school for one reason or the other, but today am a graduate and doing my National boi boi for my country. And I feel it’s a dream come through.

Q-Favourite role or part in the movies done so far?

A-Well actually I started in the entertainment industry with movie. I have my AGN work permit pack, then in Delta State I did a couple of Soaps and movies one of which is ‘Rescue the Last Dance’ where I played Mike Ezuronye’ s house help/gateman .

Q- Which do you love more-comedy or acting and why?

A-I think I love acting more because in acting I find it so easy to express my self especially when am given a comic role.

Q-Favourite colour?

A-White (To me it depicts Peace and Godliness)

Q- Your Challenges in the profession/industry?

A-The major one is where senior colleagues steal materials you took time to create. And you know when they that are already on the big screen say it, every one assume it’s theirs. That’s why these days I hardly go to functions wherr they will attend. Let them stay with their popularity, they come to events and when you are performing they will video you as if it’s because you impress them.

Na lie oooo.

Na your joke dem wan steal!

Q-How rich or comfortable are you? 6 or 7 figures or comfortable?

A-Hahahahahahahaha. How rich I am?

Oga let’s leave it at comfortable because if I give figures now my responsibility might increase. Then Aunties and Uncles will remember their children needs school fees. The truth is I am comfortable by God’s grace.

Q-Philosophy in life?

A-Mine is ‘Never allow the mistakes of yesterday be the reason for destroying my tomorrow’. I will rather take the mistakes of yesterday as the lessons of today to prepare a better tomorrow.

Q-Role model-Nigerian/global?

A-Walahi, I love Kelvin Hart because I cab be crazy like him sometimes, but then I love the corporate comedian lifestyle of SACO.

Q- Your opinion about the industry?

A-Well, it’s still a growing industry and their are yet more potentials in the industry to harness and bring it to the levels of the others globally.

Q- Your advice to upcoming talents?

A-All upcoming talent should understand that you can’t go anywhere without God and Humility. God opens doors, but humility sustains and keeps the door open.

Q- What the future holds-new projects?

A-The future really looks really bright and holds big things for everyone in the industry. Sometimes I look at the dreams and am like is this achievable? Well, next year am looking at an online Comedy TV, where we can make comedy videos available for all.

Also, we want to see how we can translate current political and economic realities in our country and the world at large into comedy, in a lighter mood and make people feel happy. Though it is a massive and capita intensive project, but with God I believe we can.


*Fastest Rising Comedian of the Year in NDOKWA LAND In Delta state. 2013

*2013 Best Students Comedian and Mc awarded by South Nation 360 Entertainment

*2013 Students Union Government Comedian /Mc of the Year in Yabatech.

*2014 Outstanding Comedian of the Year by the National Association of Delta State Students NADESTU

* 2015 Most Sociable Student in Yabatech

*2015 Ukwani Fastest Rising Entertainer

And lots of other faculty and departmental recognitions in 2015.

We still de expect more before the year end shaaa

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Sharemyfame is proud to be associated with a talent of Mecoyo’s status and we are humbled to help share his fame

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