Name: Emeka Ihesiaba

Stage name: Mc Mekus

Other Business: CEO of Isabella Media

Occupation: Comedian and media personnelIMG-20151203-WA0004

Q-Who is Mc Mekus?

A-My real names are Emeka Ihesiaba Wisdom I hail from Ngor Okpala LGA Imo State. From a family of four, am the last and only boy. I started comedy in 2011 but took it serious as a career in 2013.

Q-What was the oddest thing you heard?

A-You are funny but people don’t know you

Q-What keeps you going when you hit roadblocks or receive criticism?

A-Prayer+God’s Grace.

Q-How has life changed since?

A-Yes o #Godiswinning. I performed at some remarkable events and shared the same stage with some prominent people in the industry people like Ajebo, Emeka Smith, Mc Ajele, Koloman others at Laugh therapy with Princewill and Friends. I also did my first show this year tagged “MCMEKUS & FRIENDS” featuring comedians like Baba de Baba, DPO, Koloman, Mc Ajele, Laffdoctor, Boy of God, Princewill, Pamtop, Ty Jokez, Blinx Cavalli, Dare Justified, Evelle and others. So I can say that the ministry is moving.

Q-What are you working on at the moment?

A-Am currently working on a project tagged “LAFF4CHRIST INSIDE CHURCH” its a 2 hours comedy fellowship. The project is all about taking the Gospel of comedy to different churches every month. Featuring top comedians in the industry. Watch out its coming soon.

Q- Have you faced many challenges so far?

A-Yes of course! Not actually easy as an up and coming, comedian few years back when i started I almost wanted to quit as I wasn’t really getting encouragement from the crowd then, but all thanks to people like Princewill and Mc Ajele who keep giving me hope that I can do it..and here I am today doing it.

Q-Any plan for school?

A-Am currently in a maritime institution studying shipping management and technology and I will be rounding up my ND degree this year.


A-Laughter is all I can say not even the money or fame. If them no laugh who go pay or interview me?

Q-Worst moment on stage?

A-The day I explained my joke on stage after cracking the joke and nobody laughed, so as I was explaining they were laughing at me.

Q-Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A-Hmmm! New levels. Holding my show quarterly show every year at the Muson Center and Eko Hotel, and also taking the show international and working with people like Alibaba, AY, Gandoki, Seyilaw, I go die, Bovi, Basketmouth and others.

Q-From your answers so far you keep mentioning God, Are you a Gospel Comedian?

A-Yes I am

Q-Do you ‘yab’ pastors on stage?

A-No I don’t and am praying to God not to give me such jokes. I feel bad when comedians ‘yab’ pastors and I ask myself …Why pastors all the time? No one yabs the imam, dem dey even fear native doctor. I love and respect pastors.

Q-Who are your Role models?

A-Seyilaw, Mc Ajele, Princewill and Akpororo. I love and respect this four people.


Mc Mekus who just finished his OND program, studied Shipping Management and Technology in a Maritime institution in Lagos, while he was in school he served as the comic editor of the press club. He was recently featured in a movie titled “November 18” a movie that featured A list entertainers in the industry. Indeed he is a rising star.

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I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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