A Star In The Family

Life in Ajegunle is harsh, but the people are survivors and have adapted to their various ways of life.
Stephen Ekele is the elder brother of Oritshefemi, one of Ajegunle’s prominent entertainment ambassadors.
He runs a boat workshop which once belonged to his father. “Our father used to own this place. He died in February 2014. Oritsefemi and I worked here with him,” Stephen said.

It was a large stall made of wood and zinc. Several canoes and speed boats were parked around it. A few meters ahead is the lagoon – the water was calm and dark. “We assemble boats. We detect any fault in the engine; we replace the engine and repackage the boats. I can install and repair flying boats. If they bring an engine in pieces, and you want me to assemble it together, I can do that. I can assemble a boat’s steering, cable, control box and engine,” Stephen Ekele said.

Oritsefemi attended Tolu Primary School before moving to Army Children School, Stephen said. His secondary education was at Randle Secondary School, Apapa. “Right from secondary school, the teachers used to take him out to dancing competitions every Friday. From there, he began his music career,” he said. “He worked here at our father’s workshop until he left Ajegunle in 2006 when his music career blossomed.

From Ajegunle, he moved to Kirikiri and from there to Ikeja and now to Lekki where he presently resides.” Asked why his brother’s name is a blend of Itsekiri and Yoruba, he said: “Our father is Itsekiri, and Oritsefemi’s mother is Yoruba, from Ondo State. We have the same father, but not the same mother.”



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