Street Soldiers

Born in Shanty town Delta State- Nigeria, Deltaman has lived with music since his early childhood.

According to DM, as he is popularly known, ‘charity begins at home, we have to match up the system from downtown to uptown, so brethren and sisthren shine your eyes well well, as ogbolo go dey draw, egusi go dey thick’ a struggler must survive!

The name Deltaman originates from the oil rich Delta State of Nigeria whose people are impoverished and deprived of their natural wealth. As a juvenile, DM was able to arrange his music from the roughest, toughest and hottest ghettos of Ajegunle.

His talents were able to expose the discovery of his passion for Dance Hall Music and went as far as creating Nigerian Dance Hall music a.k.a GALALA, with star artists like Daddy Showkey, Father U-Turn, Pupa P, Ikadoz, Daddy Fresh, Vico Gravity, Sexy Pretty, Lady Viper, Lady Erosion, Danbar Queen, Uncle P, Late Johnny Nabs- Rub a Dub Chapel to mention a few.

“Omo, ghetto life no easy, is not easy at all, especially to make music, you go face many many things. Sometimes no food to chop, sometimes no place to sleep- many soldiers don fall on the way. If you strong in God, you go make am- ghetto life na extra luxury of suffering”.

While coming up, whenever he was rehearsing, raggatoasting on the streets of Lagos, people thought he was crazy because he was singing and chanting to himself.

Later on whenever there was electricity cut in the vicinity (when PHCN, the power company in nigeria, seized the light), DM sings and the neighborhood enjoys his music to the max!

He has this to say “U get to do wetin u get to do even if people call u a crazy man, u get to be yourself, no matter wetin people think about u, as for me I don carry my craze come Europe.”

DM is an artist captivating the crowd especially when the “keles” (gals) are praising and the guys are flossing. His spirit to perform is at its peak when DM is in concert- his fans can never go home without the height of entertainment and spontaneous performance.

Blessed abundantly with uniqueness DM is able to use his natural magnetism and charisma to captivate his fans to the max with rule-breaking life performance and hands-down stage entertainment. With the dawn of the new millennium, DM came out with the new hit track “DoDoKiDo” which gave him nationwide recognition and led to even bigger shows; in Fela Kuti Shrine, at Wyclef Jean’s Welcome to Nigeria Party in 2004 as well as nationwide tours.

As a music ambassador DM is introducing a whole new concept of “Afro- Dancehall”-(Nigerian Patois / Pidgin English) on Dancehall rhythms. The new style is captivating and keeps on ringing a bell after first hearing.

You can only get what you want and “I’m confident about that” DM proclaims. Afro-Dancehall was initiated upon his arrival in Germany/ Holland where he has access to a broader spectrum to spread his message to the world at large. Though it is often very difficult to introduce a new concept but I’m very optimistic that this style of music which is original and authentic will go places. And we dey paraaaaaa (angry and hungry for success)”.







I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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