Rumble in the Jungle

Waste management system

Health is wealth they say, but Ajegunle has somehow earned the derogatory appendage of being a dirty slum.

According to the elders, sometimes, the waste-carriers may not even come for two months, thus forcing many people to dispose their refuse on the major roads. The implication of this is that, many streets in Ajegunle have become refuse grounds thus causing serious environmental hazard for the people and blockage of drainages and septic tanks.

All efforts to speak to the Chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local government,  Kamal Abioddun Bayewu was met with stiff resistance when BusinessDay visited his office in Ajegunle three consecutive days. His Personal Assistant (PA), one Mr. Ibrahim demanded for a letter before his boss could be seen and there was no response even after a letter was sent.

Grassroot football

It appears that Ajegunle is still in the business of producing football stars Eniola Eretan, the Proprietor of Ilaje Football Club, said one of the disadvantages Ajegunle’s grassroots coaches have had to face was the coming of established national team coaches to lure football stars that they have nurtured without compensating the grassroots coaches who had labour to bring out the hidden talents in these players.

He said the likes of Ndubusi Chukwuyenre  (aka Wowo) who was with both the Flying Eagles and the Super Eagles was one of such products. “Brown Ideye who currently plays for Super Eagles is our product.

We grassroots coaches gain nothing. They will just come here and kidnap our players without given us anything for our labour. This is not fair”, he said. He also said growing up in Ajegunle can make one a star in his/her chosen field if such individuals are the serious type.

“When you come here, you can pick Eaglets, Under 21 and 23 and including Super Eagles players. I have a player here Kalejaiye Benson who is currently playing for Eyimba Football Club. The NFF should come to our aid. It’s not just about money; they can also organize seminars for us. Some of us would have loved to attend the National Institute for Sports (NIS), but we cannot afford it, they should help us in areas like that”, he said.  Grassroots Coaches and Players have in unison asked the Ex-international to give back to the community that raised them.

The Eyimba player, Kalejaiye Benson, who has also play for Guzor FC and Shooting Stars FC respectively, said he believe he has got what it takes to play for the Super Eagles, saying he was only waiting for the calling. “Ajegunele is a place where you can find stars.

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