Lasting Durability

Lasting Durability


The purpose of your shoes,

Wears off after a short while,


The in flow of cash,

Staggers up and down


What then is durable?

If all things are not available!


What can be held on to forever?

What does not lie,

What does not die!

And can not expire


What is worth more! than the beautiful fleet of cars,


More delicious than a pot of soup,

More better, stronger and good!



Stay tuned!

And tap this!


That beautiful apparel will finally be your rags!

That gorgeous shape will be transformed to a hag!


The blares of parties disco,

Will be a haunting echo!


The time shall come!

When men shall hunt for love!

And mourn! Perhaps for yesteryears

Scared of the present, dread for the future days!


Again we will crave for more!

Wish to see the friends long gone!

Delving into old photo albums,

Basking in memories long lost!


My dear!

Life is a tale

Don’t spice it and dice it with hate,


Add a glow to people’s life

Irrespective of their color or race,

Beyond their struggles and pains.


Be a pal to the end

Call the lonely a friend

and upgrade the Fiends!


Lasting durability!

Giving as your best ability!

Maximizing positive flexibility,

Free from any form of Rigidity.

Be tenacity

Live integrity

Ease away all calamity!


Love yourself as your neighbor,

Love your neighbor as yourself,

Love your neighbor as your neighbor,

Love yourself as your self!


Fill your hearts with laughter,

Be the peace in every disaster,

Be a tool of hope, encourage!

Be a pillar of strength and courage



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