I live in you,
And you in me.

Like a river deep connected to it quivers.
to breath life to your inner mind.

I know how you turn and whimper,
how your belly roast and churns,
how your mind open and close,
how you walk on, to and fro.

I rummage into you,
pacify you and also control you.
I am the you you need to be you.

The light that shines through your path.
I rummage into you.

I watch you sleep and wake,
Follow you out to wines and dines!
Like I said I control you.

I am the super glue that holds you together,
the pillar of all your particles.
I’m the you you need.

I am closer to you than a brother,
more of a friend than the others.

I rummage through you, in you and with you,
Like i said, I am you.
your mind, your instinct.

Ediri Abiyone


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