Mama was bae!

So pretty and lovely.

Men came in long troops to seek her,

To love her and pay her Dowry!


Of different statuses and social ranks,

Mama was their apple’s eye.

But then she chose my Papa.


And papa was her sugar Boo

Still is and always will be.


Mama loved him, sure I knew

And Papa loved her too!


I would eavesdrop as they whisper

smiling and dancing to their tune.

Though I was still in mama’s womb,

I always hear them gist.


I was Mama’s bestie!

To eulogize me, she calls me the best thing.

Mama was my sensational sweetie pie.

She was a friend in all seasons of my early life.

As a foetus in its prime,

I was dope and made.


Mama was all I had and still crave for,

Mama was the ointment to my heart’s pore.

Mama cemented my aim and life’s core!

Mama was my sole provider, she knows my heart’s desires!


I was still a Foetus in her womb,

Mama stays awake to Pacify me!

Some times she ignored food just to please me!

Mama spits, Mama hisses, Mama felt pain just to keep me.


On a rainy June day

I chose to leave her inner bosom

I came to also hunt her each day.


It was a cool cold Friday!

And mama was in so much pains!

Papa was in a confused state,

And my siblings had a frightful fate……


Mama tries to sit and I screamed

Mama stands and I bark

Mama tried to pee,

Once, twice and thrice!


I could not understand her plight!

To me I was basking in joy,

like a toddler in love with a boy!

Finally a child is born!

and Papa thought I was a boy.


I could still see the obvious frowns on his face!

And my heart lost its gleeful pace!


Mama gave birth to a lass,

And Papa almost cried for the stress.

I felt so sad and I called Papa bad..


Well those days are far behind,

And now I have to till and strife.

I have to toil very hard

to pay my bills and build my life.


I wish I am still a little girl,

Who knows nothing else.

I wish mama were still here

and that she didn’t have to die.


If I were still her baby

She would not have left me.


Do not grow up!

It is a trap

(C) Sissy



I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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