Name: Olumuyiwa Olawunmi Ebiesuwa

Stage Name: Da’SOn

Occupation: Gospel Rap Artiste / Lawyer.

Unique traits: Da’SOn is strictly a Gospel Rap Artiste. His music is all about EDIFICATION, ENCOURAGEMENT & ENTERTAINMENT.

Bio: Olumuyiwa Olawunmi Ebiesuwa aka Da’SOn hails from Ilaje, Ondo State. He attended Christ Assembly Primary School and had his secondary education at Oshodi Secondary School Tolu though he had to finished up at Araromi Secondary School Orile Iganmu.

He started out as a mass communication student at Federal Polytechnic Oko, but later changed to study law at the Lagos State University .

He is presently a Lawyer, an Ordained minister of the Gospel at Faithlife Christian Centre, a Business man and a Gospel Rap Artist.

Brief Music Background:

In his words music did not come naturally to him, not like some who claim to have been singing from their mothers’ wombs.

His earliest memory of music was while in Secondary School, his mum bought a MANDATORS cassette titled ”RAT RACE” .

Till date he still can’t fathom why she bought the cassette, as she had never bought any before or after that. Suffice to say that music used that singular opportunity to find him.

Listening to the MANDATORS cassette ignited something in him: call it a strong interest or his latent music potential.

In addition, his dad was a pastor and once you grow up to a certain age in the church you were drafted into the choir, whether you can sing or not.

So he made good use of his drafting by learning to play the drum, keyboard and to sing .

Here he developed the passion and learnt the musical basics; having a mentor, finding your musical key and pitch range or for rappers getting a strong flow with rhyme and reason.

And as he found his key the music journey had begun……

From little acorns oaks trees do grow, what started out as a ‘child’s play’ has blossomed into a career for Da’SOn, as he has graced the same platforms with great acts like COBHAMS ASUQUO, BUCHI, OBUS ZALEE, RIGHTEOUSMAN, SEGUN OBE, to mention a few.

He is the host of a yearly Gospel event tagged GOSPEL ACCORDING TO RAP, which he is working on making a quarterly event.

His single track ”HALLELUYAH” won the Award for the best rap single at the MEGA AWARDS 2014, and he was a finalist in the best contemporary single category with his single ”DANCE” at the TOPNAIJA AWARDS 2014 (A non gospel award).

Residence: Lagos, Nigeria

Gender: Male

Age: April 22nd

Ethnicity: Ilaje, Ondo State

Religious Inclination: Christian

Marital status (If not, anyone in the radar? ): Single. Yes

Education: L.LB Lagos State University and B.L from the Nigerian Law School Enugu.

Hobbies/likes: Watching football, Reading, Music and Church.

Most embarrassing moments: This was in my 300 Level in school, I had the wrong date for one of my major exam in mind. Only for me to go to school on that day and was told that the exam was held the day before.

How did the stage name come about?

The name DaSOn is gotten from the scripture. Roman 8:14 say for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are called THE SONs (DaSOn) of God. Also 1 John 3:1 says behold what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us that we should be called THE SONs (DaSOn) of God. So you see the name is really THE SON but I had to funkify it to become DaSOn.

Most accomplishments in life so far: Becoming an ordained minister of the Gospel, Becoming a lawyer and winning the MEGA AWARD for the best rap single in 2014.

Favourite color: blue

Your Challenges in the profession/industry:

The gospel music industry does not have a proper structure, so gospel music artiste have to do almost everything themselves.

Secondly, there are lots of financial constraints that set you back from doing what you really want to do.

Add to these the fact that gospel rap artistes find themselves in a dilemma-the church is weary of them and the world does not want them. So we find ourselves between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Its an ongoing challenge and one hope that soon enough something will give and the church will accept its own.

How rich or comfortable are you? 6 or 7 figures or comfortable:

I’ll say am comfortable

Philosophy in life: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Role model (Nigerian/global): In the Nigerian scene Rooftop Mc and Bouqui are my role models and on the global front it is Da truth and T-bone.

Your opinion about the industry:

I think that the Gospel music industry is still growing, but it has improved from what it used to be years back. The major lingering issue is that of jealousy, rivalry and unhealthy competition.

There is this ‘I am better than you’ syndrome that has crippled the very foundation of what we believe and stand for, and until we deal with these tendencies, firstly as individuals, we will never be united to build anything that would affect our world positively.

Your advice to upcoming talents:

First thing first, receive Jesus as your lord and saviour. Secondly learn the art of Discovery, Developing and Displaying your potentials and success will be inevitable.

What the future holds ( Any new projects?):

Yes, there is much on my plate right now. For one, I am working on my album project which would be released next year. Also, I am putting finishing touches to hold my own music event titled ‘Gospel According To Rap’ on a quarterly basis from next year.


I have lots of singles out. You can download, listen and share.

1. Da’SOn ”I love my life” produced by OyehBEATZ



2. Da’SOn ”Praiz” Produced by OyehBEATZ


3. Da’SOn ”Ola le peju” Produced by OyehBEATZ



AWARD OF HONOUR 2004 for being a special and unique child by Diocese of Lagos, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

MEGA AWARD 2014 for Best Rap Single.

MERIT AWARD 2014 for Dedication and service to the youth by Paul’s Family.

MERIT AWARD 2008 for contribution to church growth by St Pauls Anglican church Ojoku.

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