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Unique traits- HUMBLE.


CYRIL is 4th child of six children, born 11th January. He had his secondary education at Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor, Delta-State.

Having inherited a seemingly endless cycle of challenges and responsibilities at the early stages of life, his book gloriously began at age 10, on the streets.

He has definitely grown from a street smart background and a deprived early age, into a successful young man that hasn’t forgotten his humble beginning. To this end he has striven to fill the gaps and sought to empower and support those who are deprived and needy as once he was.

He gained admission in 2011 to earn Bachelors Degree in Applied Microbiology from the prestigious Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki and armed with his GPA credential, CYRIL’s goal was to complement his natural innovative sway with a strong foundation in business and finance as he found himself intrigued by the world of the Investors he interfaced with daily

He also pursued to empower orphaned and vulnerable children with care and survival. He extended his pursuits of reaching out to many other people with hope, inspiration, empowerment, knowledge, training and support through various diverse initiatives in the year 2012. Thus far, the year 2013 was a count of many great pursuits of unleashing massive innovation for different communities

A high energy, fiscally conscious, and goal driven entertainment icon, he approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements and shareholder returns.

He is a reliable positive thinker, effective communicator and strong collaborative team-builder. He is a decisive, punctual, action-oriented and results-driven achiever. He has over 5 years experience as a Talent Manager, Writer, Producer, Director, Web Designer, Public Speaker,Editor, Consultant,Trainer, Mentor, with advanced service orientation and mobilization.

He is talented in theater arts with reputation as a motivational public speaker, TV presenter and radio figure. He is noted for work quality, motivation, education and people development. CYRIL began his career on a path that is rare among other entertainment executives.

Thus, in August, 2009 he Co-founded BLACKSNIPE RECORDS with the aim of meeting the needs of young talented Artists who had financial constraint and needed good mentorship in their musical career.

Notably, he is interested in working with and learning from other cultures and perspectives.

In the years of diverse endeavours he has worked as a trainer, adviser, leader, consultant, manager, mentor, coordinator, coach, performer, speaker, director and counselor.

He has also managed great musical Artists like D.BANK, DR.GREAT, DAPHNE amongst others

Current Residence: Delta, Nigeria

Gender: MALE.

Age: 11th January.

Height: 6.2ft

Weight: 62kg

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Dark

Ethnicity: Igbo.

Religious inclination- Christian.

Marital status-if not, anyone in the radar?- Single.

Education- B.Sc, Applied Microbiology.

Background- Ika.

Hobbies/likes- Creative writing, Praying.


Q-Most embarrassing moments?

A-My first day on stage without any preparation.

Q-Most accomplishments in life so far?

A-Being able to help the needy regularly

Q-Favourite role or part in the movies done so far?


Q-Which do you love more-modelling or acting and why?

A-I love Acting because it gives me the platform to express my creativity to the audience.

Q-Favourite color?


Q-Your Challenges in the profession/industry?

A-Working with rude and arrogant film directors.

Q-How rich or comfortable are you?

A-I reserve my comment. When you meet me or know how much budget i spend in a month in promoting my Artists, you will tell. Or maybe, when you are privileged to see one of my mansions in construction. Anyway, I describe being RICH as a State of Mind.

Q-Philosophy in life?

A-Race without GRACE is Disgrace.

Q-Role model-Nigerian/global ?

A-My Role Model is Prophet Uebert Angel (U.K).

Q-Your opinion about the industry?

A-They should stop expecting Actors/musicians to do free job for them all in the name of friendship.

Q-Your advice to upcoming talents?

A-Pray and seek for opportunities. Manna is STILL falling from Heaven. Every OPPORTUNITY is a MANNA, be sensitive to discover it.

Q-What the future holds-new projects?

A-Shooting a Season Film. The script is ready and it’s over 300 pages and 50 Episodes.


A-Some of the works I directed include:







Fanpage- www.facebook.com/blizcyril


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Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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