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ShareMyFame: Open for Business

A Join Sharemyfame in an entertainment journey to discover the stories / stars / places / problems / solutions of the geographical location called #Ajegunle, that has been described as the entertainment headquarter of #Nigeria and variously placed as the most creative hub in #West Africa. Can we bring Ajegunle back to that enviable position? […]



#STREET CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE Its the twelfth month of the year, Christmas. Your dreams are met for the year, so get creative this Xmas.   You don’t need to be a musician to take part, anyone can compete. Pick up your phone, do an Xmas free style song, in any genre. Be creative by sampling or […]


Blast Media Ajegunle Fashion & Design Week (Blast Media AJFDW) is a multiday fashion event platform that aims to inspire Ajegunle and ultimately, the Nigerian fashion industry; by bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of Ajegunle designers in the fashion hub of Lagos, Nigeria. Being the first of its […]

Face of Ajegunle Pageant 2015

There was lots of fun, excitement and humor at Ajegunle, Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area, Lagos State, as the Face of Ajegunle 2015, a beauty pageant took centre stage. Billed for the occasion were comedians like Seyi Law, Elenu, Mc Shakara, Acapella, and Pencil, veteran Nollywood actress Grace Amah and music artistes and icons in […]

The Future of Ajegunle

      The Future of Ajegunle What are successful musicians from AJ doing to build other young stars from AJ? The Olori Oko himself (Daddy Showkey) is working towards that but, before you do such, you have to prepare yourself and those you want to work it. Preparations are however in top gear to […]

Jungle Tunes

History of ajegunle The late music promoter, Jonny Nabs once said “The Chapel (Ragga Dub Chapel) is a mill where we discover and expose talented youths in Ajegunle. And we are going to stop at nothing towards ensuring that AJ City rule the world musically.” The nation gained tremendously from the exploits of ghetto kids […]

Nigerian Movie Industry Is Corrupt

Joy Amata, born and bred in Lagos State, is a rising actress who grew up in the popular slum, Ajegunle. In this interview with The Nation’s Dupe Ayinla-Olasunkami, she talks about her refusal to let her environment take hold of her future, and other issues relating to her acting career. Q-Tell us about yourself? A-I […]

Ajegunle Star Parade 5

  Azubuike Henry Oghenemario popularly known as Mad Melon of the Danfo Driver fame, you can take a man out of Ajegunle but you cannot take Ajegunle out of the man. After hitting fame and fortune a few years ago, the musician moved out of Ajegunle, a sprawling ghetto and settled in Iyana-Iba, a quiet […]

Ajegunle Star Parade 4

The young achievers in the field of music are the Dixon Twins, Anthony and Andrew of the Mamuzee singing group. Their father officially has 10 wives and nine concubines, with their mother ranking as ninth in the official wives’ list! They are proud of their album “Born to Reign”, and readily admit that “Life in […]

Ajegunle Star Parade 3

      Ajegunle boasts of its resident philosopher in the poet, musician and activist Aj Dagga Tolar. By way of explanation, the “Aj” before Dagga Tolar stands for Ajegunle! Aged about 40, Dagga Tolar is tall, wears dreadlocks and is gap-toothed. His tiny shack of a room is crammed full with books and CDs. […]