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As I mentioned before, smiling at others is an important way to have a positive impact on people but I suggest a better approach is to try to make others smile. Some of you are saying, “But I’m not funny.” That’s fine. Making someone laugh is great but the truth is you don’t have to make them laugh in order to be an effective people person, but you do have to make them smile.

You don’t have to be funny but you do have to be fun. You don’t have to be able to tell jokes but you do need to know how to take a joke. Being an easy going person who can make others smile is a priceless people skill that can make a world of difference in your daily relationships. The best way I know to make others smile is to talk about topics where there are opportunities to have fun.

Usually when I’m around people, I love talking about their past experiences and future expectations. Rarely will I bring up bad politics or a tragedy that happened in the news. Where is that going? Did they go on a trip recently where something funny happened?  Ask them about it. Did you see a funny video on YouTube that made you laugh? Share it with them.

I love drawing on the positive experiences that people have had. The exchange of funny stories and positive happenings are priceless. It is almost impossible for you to leave a negative (or even a neutral) impression on someone if you spent some time together having fun and talking about positive things.

There are so many characteristics of an effective people person. With a few adjustments in your behavior and the way you react to others, you will begin to see the changes in the way others react to you. Try one of these techniques for 7 days and you will see how much of a difference it will make.

Let’s continue.

Sammy Okeh (Samba)


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