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Becoming A People’s Person 2


Being a people person has much to do with influence. Influence is a powerful entity to have as a political figure, celebrity, leader or parent. It is also important for anybody who wants to be more effective with people.

Your ability to alter or align the thoughts, moods, and emotions of other people, is an indicator to how much of a people person you are.

What happens when you walk into work in the morning? When you say good morning to the people you work with, do they respond with a genuine enthusiastic greeting as if they are happy that you finally showed up?  Or do they greet you with a half hearted, “good morning” that they mumble through their lips out of habit? There response has much to do with the influence you have on them.

A person of great influence is usually a people person. They understand how to influence people in a positive way so that they can be more effective with them.

Influence not only gives you the ability to alter moods, but it gives you the capability to create them. In order to be effective with people you must help them think the way you think and feel the way you feel. Become the kind of person people will listen to and have the kind of attitude people want to emulate.

Influence has more to do with your character than anything else. It has more to do with who you are and less to do with what you do. If you are a funny, thoughtful, selfless, insightful, interesting person, you have the characteristics that other people are attracted to and are influenced by.  Find your strong positive characteristics and amplify them so that others can be influenced by them.

To be continued..

Sammy Okeh (Samba)

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