The Ajegunle of Opa Williams who grew up at 48 Uzor Street and is the promoter of ‘Night of a Thousand Laughs’ which started in 1995 and can boast of almost all the who is who in Nigerian comedy having passed through it.
The Ajegunle of Praise Fowoe
The Ajegunle of Daddy Showkey
The Ajegunle of Don Jazzy
The Ajegunle of Sunday Oliseh
The Ajegunle of Samson Siasia
The Ajegunle of Chico Ejiro
…but is ajegunle…….

The world’s worst ghetto?
The platform for polishing the gold¬¬¬ found therein?
The repository of wealth resides here?
The melting pot of Nigerian music, with different genres of ghetto music and the center of Nigerian entertainment?
A mini Nigeria with a representation of almost or all the ethnic groups in Nigeria and from other West African regions too?
The largest human settlement in West Africa and the largest breeding ground in all human endeavor?
Filthiest and dirtiest spot in Nigeria, but home like no other?
Bordered by four LGAs?
The Nigerian entertainment revolution in the jungle?
The originator of Galala, Konto, Alanta, Suo, Shoki and source of the best dancers and Djs?

Its evolution from slangs to street pidgin for education is impacting positively, and is socially relevant and educatively meaningful
Nigeria has gained tremendously from the talents and entertainment skills of Ajegunle music, movie and sports stars/icons
Two million Nigerians live here with different race, religion and ethno-political backgrounds…..a motley of tribes that if the last supper was held here, every race will be represented, so they boast.



I love life, love God and am a collector of rare items like the ash of a phoenix, egg of a unicorn, tears of an Angel and I drink pap with chopsticks.
Creativity found me, though I wasn't lost and am still paying the price of a chosen one.
It has always been the nature of man to confuse genius with insanity.

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