The Basket Mouth story By Samuel Olatunji

Born in Uzo Street in Ajegunle and later we moved to Alafia Street where my two sisters were born. He owns Baron World Entertainment. We are not into décor and all that. What we do is we provide content, we give you what is going to happen on the stage, and you don’t have to bother about artistes or venue.


The name Stella Nwosu might not ring a bell. But thousands of radio listeners can attest to the fame of Stella’s later ego Wili-Wili. They hardly miss her program on Wazobia FM Abuja.

Q- How did you come about your on-air nickname, Wili-Wili?

A-My full name is Stella Anwuli Nwosu. When I was growing up in Ajegunle my friends used to call me “Nwuli” which is the short form of my name. Some of them used to mention “Nwuli” twice just like Wili-Wili. I played around with different ideas when it was time for me to pick a stage name. At some point, I started having flashbacks to my childhood so I settled for Wili-Wili.

Q- Is there a difference between Stella Nwosu now and the of years back?

A-Gone are the days when people were ashamed of saying they grew up in Ajegunle. We have way too many success stories coming out from Ajegunle for anyone to be ashamed of it now.

Q-How was it like growing up in Ajegunle?

A- It was fun. I love Ajegunle. Those days in Ajegunle there was hardly a family that didn’t have a child that had talent. It was that you were either into sports or music. But my parents were strict with us.


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