Ajegunle Star Parade 3

Dagga Tolar 2 dagga tolar dagga




Ajegunle boasts of its resident philosopher in the poet, musician and activist Aj Dagga Tolar. By way of explanation, the “Aj” before Dagga Tolar stands for Ajegunle! Aged about 40, Dagga Tolar is tall, wears dreadlocks and is gap-toothed. His tiny shack of a room is crammed full with books and CDs. He accommodates several artiste types of Ajegunle in his digs.

A big poster of Tupac Shakur, the murdered American rapper, dominates the blue wall. He writes committed poetry and led the body to protest the proposed privatization of the National Theatre which was broadcast on Lagos Television (LTV). “Ajegunle has become a metaphor for the entirety of the Nigerian nation,” says the angry Dagga Tolar. “It is in this part of the country that you meet the poor of the poorest, and we try to survive day in and day out.”

His poetry boldly says: “This Country is not a Poem.” His poetry as well as his singing is primed on protest against a system that supplies no light, no water, no infrastructure for the teeming masses he loves so much.



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