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Blast Media Ajegunle Fashion & Design Week (Blast Media AJFDW) is a multiday fashion event platform that aims to inspire Ajegunle and ultimately, the Nigerian fashion industry; by bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of Ajegunle designers in the fashion hub of Lagos, Nigeria.

Being the first of its kind and maiden edition held on 22nd to 26th September 2015, Blast Media AJFDW and its CEO, Prince Ogaga, lead the way with initiatives that supports, strengthens and develops the fashion industry in Ajegunle. Blast Media AJFDW is now planned to be an annual event and beyond the runway, the event will provide a physical platform that will gradually reposition fashion as a useful tool for commerce and creativity in Ajegunle and Nigeria.

Ajegunle will played host to the fashion event that features:  AJFDW Runway Shows and Presentations featuring new season collections from designers in the Ajegunle fashion industry  AJFDW Showrooms featuring fashion products, textiles and accessories  AJFDW Fashion Focus supported by AJFDW Fashion Hub – workshops and master classes that facilitate knowledge transfer, information exchange and networking opportunities across board  AJFDW Fashion Business Series to facilitate conversations with key players from the Nigerian and Pan African fashion industry as a useful tool for exchanging ideas, networking and developing the Ajegunle fashion industry. Ajegunle, the AJFDW host is an attraction itself.


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