20 Most Active Ajeromi-Ifelodun Pastors On The Social Media

By Godday Odidi

E-ministry is one of the fastest means of winning souls to Christ. As the world is upgrading day by day, so Pentecostal and Orthodox churches should not be left behind. Only few Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria know the power of the social media to win souls to Christ. Though, social media has been misconstrued by some pastors that have no knowledge of the 21st century media in the world.

In Ajeromi-Ifelodun to Orile-Iganmu, some highly-trained potential pastors have spiritually distinguished themselves from the crowd by taken advantage of the social media to preach salvation to sinners.Today; pastors that are digitally inclined with the gospel of Christ are using modern computer applications to preach the gospel to the world while some see it as means of showcasing their flamboyant wealth. The world is growing digitally and pastors must adapt to new system of E-ministry where unbelievers can be reached in all ramifications.

Preaching on the regular ceremonial pulpit, foot and vehicular evangelism, church programmes and crusade ministration are not enough to grow the 21stcentury church. In Ajeromi-Ifelodun to Orile Iganmu, 20 pastors have intellectual and creative flare for the social media gospel. Mindset Media Limited recently assessed some postings by some pastors and volumes of comments that followed on regular basis.80 percent of Ajeromi-Ifelodun pastors have posted salvational messages to marital affairs and to leadership etiquettes and to social challenging issues in the world.

While 20 percent only posted their photos without life-touching issues to the readers. In a day, Mindset Media Limited reads at least 60 postings of pastors in Nigeria. Among the great 20 Ajeromi-Ifelodun pastors using social media platform to network for Jesus Christ are:

1. Bishop (Prof) Leonard Nwaoma Umunna is the Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) International and one of the Ajeromi-Ifelodun based pastors that know the relevance of the social media. He has used the social media platform to reach the unreachable in Nigeria and Africa. He is one Ajegunle pastor that knows the power of electronic, print and online media evangelism. Bible Life Church remains the most active church on the social media using several platform groups to preach Jesus Christ.

2. Rev.Ifeanyi OluebebeJesus (JP) is the founders of Wisdom Christian Centre, Success Leadership Conference and Goodnews International schools. He is a renowned Ifelodun leadership consultant .He has opened several social media platforms discussing political and religious issues in Nigeria. He is one young Ifelodun pastor that has used his influential connection to invite top government officials to his annual leadership conference and award. His postings are centred on entrepreneurship, leadership, marriage and social issues. He is a social media voice to record with in Ifelodun LCDA.

3. Pastor Kingsley Uche is the founder of Spring Computer Institute in Ajeromi-Ifelodun. His intellectual creativity is worthy to be emulated. He has one of the best computer institutes in Ajeromi-Ifelodun where today and tomorrow 21st ICT youths are trained. Among all, that started computer institute in the local government, he is one creative being that has survived the economic meltdown. His recent business platform organised to train young people on entrepreneurship is highly commendable by those that attended. He has flare for social media with speciality in business.

4. Prophet Monday Gold is the General Overseer of Truth and Holiness Church International. His activeness on the social media is to preach holiness to social media fans. His postings are honourable to God. He is a man of God with integrity.

5. Rev Festus Ejete is the General Overseer of Christ Faith Tabernacle Ministries International. He is one Ifelodun pastor that knows the power of the social media. His postings have brought many souls to Christ. He prefers to showcase Jesus Christ than himself.

6. Pastor Chris Charles is the founder of World-wide Christian Centre. He is actively current on the social media. His postings are centred majorly on a rejected believer that sees beyond today. He understands the power of the social media in Nigeria.

7. Rev Kingsley Ifeanyi Albert is the founder of Word.Com formerly known as Flames Family Church International. He is one of the 10 Ajegunle Pentecostal pastors that joined the social media using modern computer applications. His postings on the social media platform are highly commendable to the core. His scriptural quotes reflect his messages post on the social media.

8. Pastor Sunny Aigbostua is one Pentecostal pastor that has large followership on the social media. He is from the Orile-Iganmu axis but has innovative flare for posting issues relevant to the kingdom of God. He is an articulated social media networker with creativity.

9. Rev Felix Ogadeji is the General Overseer of All Believers Assembly. He is one Ajegunle pastor that is current with the social media. His postings have plethora of comments from fans. He has used this platform to reach the world.

10. Pastor Isreal Jonah is the founder of Word feast Ministries International. He knows the power of the social media using the platform to preach the gospel of Christ. His enthusiasm on the social media in Ajegunle is admirable.

11. Bishop Matthew Omodiagbe is the Presiding Bishop of Liberation Word Evangelical Ministries International. His like page has some monthly declarations that are germane to our daily living as children of the gospel. He is socially active online.

12. Pastor Dan Prince is one of the first Ajegunle pastors that joined the social media platform in preaching successful marriages among believers in Ajegunle.He knows the power of the social media to the core.

13. Pastor Clement Ogoro is the founder of Christ Elect .He is one of the most travelled International Ajeromi-Ifelodun Pastors using the social media to reach the unreachable in the world.

14. Bishop Faith Acho is the founder of one the fast-growing Pentecostal churches in Ifelodun . He is one great Ifelodun leadership consultant using the social media platform to network for Christ over the years. He is a divine material to the gospel of this generation.

15. Pastor Henry Adeniyi is one young Ajegunle pastor that has spiritual flare for the social media. His followership is elastic to the heart.

16. Pastor Emmanuel Peace is one articulated Ajeromi-Ifelodun woman preacher who has used the social media platform to restore and teach on qualities of marriage. She is woman to behold in Ajegunle.

17. Pastor Vicky Igbokwe is one of the first Ajegunle women preachers that joined the social media posting marital issues with immediate solutions. She has large followership on the social media.

18. Pastor Success Harunna is one pastor that is socially active on the media. His programmes are well-posted with pictorials telling the story. He knows the power of the social media and recently bagged his MSC from the University of Lagos. He is a creative writer.

19. Rev Joseph Amakwe is a gifted writer with special interest on both mobile and social media platforms. His evangelical text messages are worthy to be applauded.

20. Pastor Vincent Igbokwe is one articulated men preachers in Ajegunle.He knows the power of the social media to the core. He has one of the best youth church in Ajegunle.

If your name is not mentioned here, that does not mean you are not active on the social media but you must learn the 21st century E- ministry applications to grow your ministry through Christ.

Pastor Godday Odidi

Mindset Media Limited/Social Media Analyst





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