I know a thing or two,

of today and yester years.

Having a full vision of future days….


Well stand or sit and hear me relate,

To you the things of life.

Of how life is strife,

and how strife is hard.


First, we were foetuses,

In the womb of glee,

Expectant of what the real world will be!


Secondly we grow and become a baby,

to mum and dad as she(s) and He(s)


Thirdly we grow to be a little Boy or girl,

Singing and chanting nursery rhymes.


And fourth we all become dope,

Showing off our pretty selves,

and fashion swag.


We fall in love on fifth,

Bask and dice in profound glee.


And on the sixth we found our heart’s broken and grieved.

Broken and despairing in grief.


Just like the seventh day of creation,

We fall into another equation.

In love again in appreciation.

The broken heart is refreshed.


On the eight we gather with friends to wine and dine,

to dance to tunes and toast to Life.

Smiling to the chants of Happy married life.


On the ninth we become mamas and papas,

Worrying and nurturing another.


And on the tenth,

We found out we are grandmas and Papas.


We grow old,weak and once more a baby,

but then no more womb to mold and hold us.


We will pray for death to touch us!

Time is a tale,

Stay put and watch it unfold.

Forget not the lessons and experience!


Time is a Tale!

(C) Sissy

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