5 Top Powerful Ajegunle Women With Large Youth Followership

By Godday Odidi

Today,Ajegunle community not only celebrating men of integrity but also celebrating women of valour, whose passionate callings have helped to make Ajegunle community popular in the world. There are 5 top powerful Ajegunle women with large youth fellowship.

1. Pastor Peace Emmanuel Akudo, is one Ajegunle female soldier for Christ who has distinguished herself from the crowd to make Ajegunle community great through her single and married programme (Zip Up). She started as a tutor in a secondary school, having graduated from one of the Nigerian universities and found her passion in teaching both old and young on marriage institution. She has able to create a niche for herself in the sands of time. She is the first woman in Ajegunle at the moment doing wonders to prevent unwanted pregnancies and save collapsed marriages beyond Ajegunle community. She has been consistent in marriage advocacy which has brought her into prominence in Nigeria. God also blessed her with a good husband that gives her freedom to demonstrate her passion for single and married people.

Today, Pastor Peace Emmanuel Akudo is now a household name featuring in almost all the single and married seminars as guest speaker and others. Marital potentiality has been bestowed on her over the years. She has created several platforms in Ajegunle to give young ones good marriageable homes in life. She has written many books on single and married coupled with CDs to it. She is a gifted speaker with an authority.

This is one Nigerian woman that knows the value of a good housewife and mother. She has featured on Inside-Out with Agatha Amata, many times, Hosanna hour and travelled far away African countries to speak on how to be successful in marriage. Mindset Media Limited will not stop extolling a woman in Ajegunle that has laid her life for single and married couples to have good families in life. She is a role model to a typical African woman. Pastor Peace Emmanuel has received many awards to her credit. Humility and respect are exhibited in the life of Pastor Peace and she remains the woman advocate of Ajegunle community. She is happily married to her husband, Pastor Emmanuel Iro whom she called as friend, mentor and lover and blessed with intelligent children.

2. Hon Barr.Rita Orji is the present serving House of Representatives member representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Constituency. She was recently appointed as the Chairman Committee on Diaspora. Before she contested for this position, she has been the head of Tasly World in Nigeria till date. She has converted thousands of Nigerians into Tasly Company. Barr Rita Orji is one Ajegunle influential woman with pedigree. Her footprints are felt in Ajegunle community and beyond. She is happily married and blessed with lovely children.

3. Hon.Falilat Ajidagba is the immediate past Ifelodun council chairman’s wife whose political influence also brought political development to Ifelodun community. She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration. She commands respect and also pull crowd in terms of female patronage of goodwill. She has singlehandedly sponsored many NGOs in Ifelodun community. She is the success behind her husband’s first tenure in office. She is happily married and blessed with children

4. Pastor Inem Israel is the deputy General Overseer of Wordfeast centre and CEO of Sharin Enterprise Limited. She is the President of Zenith Women Apostolic Gathering (ZEWAG).She is a creative speaker in conferences, churches and seminars. Pastor Inem Israel has become a role model to young mothers in Ajegunle.She is a photogenic preacher whose photos have become adverts to small stylist shops in Ajegunle.The success of Pastor Israel Jonah in ministry cannot be completed with Pastor Inem Israel, a trained entrepreneur per excellence. She has greatly impacted on the lives of Ajegunle youths.

5. Pastor Vicky Igbokwe is a product of University of Lagos. She is one of the first Ajegunle women preachers on single and married and has received many awards to her credit. She is the deputy General Overseer of Faith Life Christian Centre, assisting her beloved husband; a great demonstrative preacher with an authority, Pastor Vincent Igbokwe.Pastor Vicky Igbokwe has a Soul-heart organisation where she empowers widows and orphans on yearly basis.

She is an intelligent female preacher with vision. She runs the Satellite Town centre but her footprints are felt in Ajegunle community. She has laid a good foundation for up- and –coming single and married preachers in Ajegunle.She is happily married and blessed with children.

As the year runs out, Mindset Media Limited will unveil more Ajegunle women doing great works in their callings and careers. If your name is not mentioned here, that does not mean, people do not recognise your works, but you need to redouble your efforts in life and nothing more.

Godday Odidi

Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited



Mindset Media Limited is one veritable national grassroots online media using verifiable assessment with its powerful team to unveil Ajegunle women achievers whose footprints are felt in Ajegunle community.25 years ago, Ajegunle community was never given any leadership attention except being described as ‘Ghetto city’ where miscreants reside. As development embraces Ajegunle community, people continue to have a rethink of institutional changes combined with creativity and passion



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