FIVE GALAXY FILMS is a Cameroon based film production unit with TABOT CELESTINE as CEO, it is focused on producing educational films, sensitizing the African public and the world about the ills of society.

It is hoped that the productions from this stable will cause humanity to take actions that will affect not only a particular area but all over the world. Also, the 5.G.F is aimed at revealing the human morality which has been mutilated and the values discarded, and going a long way to sensitize the world on morality and preserving dignity.

FIVE GALAXY FILMS has as hit film ‘Local Crisis’ and is on set for other films like ETEM, BIH, FREEDOM BUT NOT PERFECT, which are all short films. Five Galaxy Films came in with the teaser for ‘Local Crisis’ which was previewed on the national television CRTV and other local TV stations in Cameroon.

Five Galaxy Films partners Sharemyfame to bring media content from the Cameroons to the West African and global audience.

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