10 Most Unstoppable Ajeromi-Ifelodun Youths

By Godday Odidi

In Ajeromi-Ifelodun,only few youths have creatively distinguished themselves from the crowd by pursuing their passions. Through these indefatigable and indomitable youths, Ajegunle has become popular among other communities in Lagos State.Also; these youths are socially active on the media using their passions to project Ajegunle to the highest level.

Sound mentorship from top leaders in the world has helped to sharpen their mindsets. Some few Ajeromi-Ifelodun youths started well as resourceful and inspired entrepreneurs but never ended well as a result of patience and perseverance in life. Challenges come to anyone but ability to surmount it makes a person to be more effective in pursuing his or her destiny. Mindset Media Limited recently understudied 10 innovative youths in Ajegunle doing credible things and the future chances of becoming world leaders.

1. Isaac Success is a product of Ajegunle community doing credible things for vulnerable children in Nigeria. The sky is just the beginning for a young man that has determination for greatness. His NGO is gradually making him as a world-class youth leader.

2. Goodman Umunna is popularly known as’Dr.Impact’ using the motivating world to create social awareness for Ajegunle youths over the years. He is one young renowned Ajegunle leadership consultant that has flare for public speaking business. Many Ajegunle youths that started alongside with him had since derailed but he kept pushing forward for excellence in his passion.

3. Pereasuode Kelvin is popularly called as’ Mallam Afrika ‘is one notable Ajegunle comedian that has large acceptance from the Pentecostal world. He is an author cum presenter with creativity. He is one of the most travelled Ajegunle-based comedians doing wonderful things for Christ. His yearly Mallam Afrika Entertainment Award has greatly impacted on the lives of achieved Ajegunlites and beyond. He is a voice to record with in the entertainment industry. He recently produced a comedy video and a book to his credit.

4. Pastor Alex Great Akhigbe is one of the vibrant pastors of Bible Life Church Cathedral International and founder of Passion House International. His voluntary clean up project remains the best in Lagos State. Pastor Alex Great using the passion house platform to teach young people on sanitary condition in Nigeria. His programmes have wide coverage of online, print and electronic media. He has written a book on ‘dare your passion’ which has wide readership across the globe and mostly found in leading bookshop houses. He is a self-motivated speaker with difference and has humility comportment.

5. Paul Moses is the CEO of Care International (NGO).He is one of the first Ajegunle young men that started Health care services specially teaching on HiV/AIDs in Nigeria. His constant campaigns brought enlightenment to Ajegunle youths and others. He is also passionate about the things of God. He has travelled far and near campaigning on sex education among youths and teenagers in Nigeria.

6. Konaughe Alfred is the CEO of Alfred Konaughe Company. He is one young Ajegunle man who refuses to give up in spite of many challenges on public speaking business in Nigeria. Though, it would only take time for Ajegunle youths to acclimatize with his passion. Over the years, he has drew his source of inspirations from Dr.Impact Umunna,Fela Durotoye,Sam Adeyemi,Praise Fowowe and others. He once produced Gianthood Magazine many times that featured great motivational speakers in Nigeria. He remains unstoppable youth in Ajegunle.

7. Vic Ways is the CEO of Africa Minds International. His programme majorly centred on youth development where he has invited highly intelligent personalities to teach Ajegunle youths on career development. He is also passionate on sex education. His programme remains the best in Amukoko axis of Ifelodun LCDA.He has a bright future for the Ajegunle dream.

8. Young Anyanwu is one great Ajegunle young writers that has flare for creative speaking. He presently writes with Inside-Ajeromi Newspaper where his article is well-researched and incisive to the heart.He is one of the youngest Ajegunle Wole Soyinkas to record with in the 21st century.

9. Ogochukwu Odogo is one young Ajegunle youth that started motivational speaking and has written several books on relationships. He was one of the first Ajegunle youths that invited Sammie Okopso to his church (Anglican Communion) far back 2002at Kirikiri Town.He is a columnist with several newspapers in Ajegunle and beyond.

10. Lucky Child Iviahwo is one renowned Ajegunle comedian with ingenuity. He has pitched a tent for himself in the comedy industry through determination and focus. He is a presenter with a difference.

If your name is not mentioned here, that does not mean you are not recognised but your activeness on the social media makes Mindset Media Limited to identify your works. Keep soaring high. Our Lord Jesus Christ is your strength.

Godday Odidi

Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited





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