11 Nigerian Entertainment Lawyers You Should Know

11 Nigerian Entertainment Lawyers You Know

by Uduak Oduok, Esq AfricaMusicLaw™ www.africamusiclaw.com

Over the years, I have received tons of emails requesting I mentor and/or provide advice to law students, and/or young lawyers on how to break into the entertainment industry, as a lawyer. After recently receiving a handful of such requests from both Nigerian and non-Nigerian young lawyers and law students, I thought it would make sense if I provide a list of fellow entertainment lawyers, of Nigerian heritage, for Nigerian young lawyers who seek mentors/legal role models to look up to.

I actually thought it would take me thirty minutes maximum to put a list together. Boy was I wrong! Yesterday, hours later, I was still researching to find legal practitioners to add to the list of those I already know who practice or have practiced entertainment law. How very frustrating. I found that there were many civil law firms and lawyers in Nigeria adding the tag “entertainment law” but there was nothing to indicate that they had the experience to boot.

Here is my list of entertainment lawyers (focus is on music) that I think you should know, myself included. I hope this list is helpful to those who seek to break into the  industry as entertainment lawyers. I suggest you also make contact with the inactive lawyers on my list because while they are inactive, they are still involved in the industry and can share valuable insights that will help you; as you charge forward with your legal careers.

Please do your research before approaching anyone on this list for an informational interview/mentoring. The standard of professionalism expected from you does not drop just because these lawyers are of Nigerian heritage.  But of course you already knew that.



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