10 Most History Making Ajegunle Achievers Now

By Godday Odidi

Barely two months ago when I wrote on ten most successful Ajegunle people after extensive research on their achievements on various passionate callings in life. As the year draws closer, some Ajegunle achievers who left Ajegunle and still living there, now contributing massively to the developmental progress of the rebranded Ghetto city. Mindset Media Limited as a veritable media organisation has taken upon itself to be revealing the achievements of Ajegunle people to the global village. Some left Ajegunle and still living in Ajegunle but their footprints cannot be easily erased like that in the sands of time.

Ajegunle is any longer a slum city as it was popularly described in major traditional media few years ago. It is a large city assembled with high profile talents doing credible things for humanity. Every career is found in Ajegunle community with creativity and passion attached to it.Ajegunle community is fast-becoming a place where leaders and entrepreneurs are trained to be self-independent in life. A-class motivational speakers are emerging from Ajegunle and many have taken the advantage of the social media to showcase their gifted talents for God.

In 5 years to come in Nigeria, Ajegunle community would be a place where political leaders would come to seek advice and receive leadership and entrepreneurship trainings.Ajegunle community is a soil blessed with creative people with positive mindsets in spite of the poor backgrounds. Every Ajegunle personality has slang to encourage his or her career in life. New modern structures are being erected in Ajegunle which it is difficult now to distinguish Ajegunle community from Surulere or other highbrow areas in Lagos State.10 most history making Ajegunle achievers either living there or outside Ajegunle are greatly contributing to the developmental progress of the community.

1. High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu is the Chief Executive Officer of Micura Services Limited and a philanthropist with integrity. His footprints are felt among Ajegunle widows and sports lovers. He is one of the renowned Ajegunle Maritime Experts projecting Ajegunle interest in all ramifications. Many people have benefitted from his philanthropic gestures in Ajegunle over the years.

2. Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel, the Director of Helping Hands International H2i who once lived in Kirikiri where poverty almost sent him packaging to his village in Imo State as a poor photographer then.Today, Obitex Emmanuel has shared a platform with the former President Goodluck Jonathan and become a role model to the African youth using Helping Hands International H2i to put food on the tables of many African homes. His legacies are felt in Ajegunle community.Obitex Emmanuel cannot do any official assignment on his marketing network without adding Ajegunle to it. He is a man with progressive future for Ajegunle community.

3. Hon Adewale Adeogun,the immediate past Ajeromi-Ifelodun Education secretary, has creatively done well to savage Ajegunle schools from total collapse. He would have needed a second term to exhibit the good things stored in his mind for Ajegunle public schools only to be disrupted by some elements who never wished Ajegunle public schools well. Even as the then Education Secretary where he controlled over 72 public primary schools and never allowed his children to go to private primary schools.Today,Education Secretary position in Ajeromi-Ifelodun is in sabbatical leave where achievements are no longer seen on media or otherwise. Hon Adewale Adeogun made Ajegunle public schools to be number one best in Lagos State and Nigeria. Even as he had left office, his political and educational recognition is worthy to be emulated to the core. He is one of the most honoured Ajegunle achievers in recent times in terms of awards and others.

4. Bishop Leonard Umunna is the Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral and the most read Ajegunle pastor on the traditional and social media. He has largely contributed to the educational growth of Ajegunle community in all ramifications. In talent youth creation, Bishop Umunna remains the best in Ajegunle and beyond. In grassroots sports, his footprints are felt.Today, he has received both national and international awards to his credit.

5. Mr. Daniel Alabrah is one Ajegunle international journalist who once worked with the Sun newspaper and rose to as the deputy editor, Sunday sun and resigned honourably to pick an appointment with the then President Goodluck Jonathan on Amnesty progamme(Media).He recently received an award from Mallam Africa Entertainment ,one of the most recognised award organisation in Ajegunle.He has contributed largely in developing grassroots sports in Ajegunle and beyond. He is a man with his word and nothing more.

6. Mr Rasheed Bola Adekunle is the Managing Director of Global Ventures Limited. He has used his company to train many Ajegunle youths on entrepreneurial leadership over the years. He is a man that takes life easy and ready to sacrifice is wealth for humanity in spite of any daunting challenges. He is a role model to Ifelodun youths when it comes to creative entrepreneurship.

7. Pastor Peace Emmanuel Akudo is one woman clergy using her calling to restore marriages across African countries and Nigeria. Her single and married teachings have grown beyond bounds over the years. She is the most active Ajegunle marriage teacher and counsellor whose pedigree is worthy to be emulated. Her charisma on the pulpit cannot be taken for granted. She has received many awards and appeared on several television programmes including Inside-Out Media with Agatha Amata, Hosanna hour and just mention but a few. She is one Ajegunle woman of God that appreciates good works and creativity. She is a woman that wants the best for Ajegunle single and married couples.

8. Pastor Israel Jonah is the General Overseer of Wordfeast centre using Change Conference to better the life of up- and-coming Ajegunle pastors. Using the platform to teach young pastors on ethical values in ministry. This conference has changed many ministerial orientation of Ajegunle pastors. He has become a role model to Ajegunle pastors’ new mechanism of growing a modern church.

9. Eze Guy Nwajiofor Okoli,the Eze Udo of Ajeromi-Ifelodun,chairman Ndi-Ndigbo of Ajeromi-Ifelodun and once a member of SUBEB.In politics in Ajeromi-Ifelodun,he has played a vital role in terms of grassroots development. His philanthropic gesture cannot be taken for granted. He is a voice to reckon with in Ajegunle at the moment.

10. Hon.Fatai Ajidagba is the immediate past Ifelodun LCDA chairman that saw politics from a distance angle and created a change for the people. His legacies are felt in all the Ifelodun wards and he is a detribalised personality. He is a role model to Ajegunle budding politicians.

We have other Ajegunle people doing credible things for humanity like HKT, Bidalo, Rev Ifeanyi Oluebubejesus and others but there is need to do more to project Ajegunle community. Note these ten personalities in Ajegunle are socially active on the media.

Godday Odidi

Social Media Analyst/Mindset Media Limited








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