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infoflair optionsAbout Us

Sharemyfame is an Infoflair Options company that seeks to invest in the future of entertainment distribution in Nigeria and Africa, and to fill a gap in the spotlighting and upbringing of young talents.

A digital distribution platform for Nigerian entertainment, conceived to discover the young stars and share their fame.

Purpose and Goals

The mission of www.sharemyfame.com.ng is to sustain profitable and commercial success through the digital distribution of entertainment content and provide a platform for the development of content by young start-ups under the Sharemyfame brand.


We envision being the go-to platform for content development, digital content distribution, Talent spotting and the defender of the content owners.

Product and services

Our products includes digital contents like music, movies, animation, comedy, TV dramas, Webisodes, etc.


It is a one-stop platform for content aggregation and distribution, encourage young talents to develop talents and empowering them with a better revenue sharing ratio of 70%.

The ShareMyFame DNA

1. Enables small retail businesses and new entertainment talents to build a business in the entertainment industry.

2. Using technology to coordinate consuming buyers, marketers and the talented entertainment content producers.

3. To allow the natural flow of e-commerce energy, with technology supplying the tools.

4. Create value for society by helping to reduce piracy through the digital distribution platform, encourage a proliferation of quality entertainment content, ensure availability of entertainment content for buyers, and a better revenue share for the content owners.

5. Build an e-commerce marketplace hub for artistes to sell their content and a retail store for recording companies to manage their artistes’ contents.


Contact Us

Email: info@sharemyfame.com.ng

Phone: +2348030679237

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Website: www.sharemyfame.com.ng


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For adverts and other promotional services, please direct your enquiries to info@sharemyfame.com.ng

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